Pet Passport: You can’t travel with your dog without this

Laws are getting stricter with people who have pets. Especially with those who are more irresponsible, as they should be. For now, the Animal ID is not mandatory, however Pet passportwhich is something you will need if you want to travel with your dog or cat this summer.

The first thing to keep in mind when traveling with your pet is the infrastructure in place, as it cannot be lost by car, bus, train or plane. However, it cannot be valid if you want to go with your pet to any EU country.

An animal passport is mandatory

An animal passport is a mandatory document for some animals (dogs, cats, or ferrets) and serves to identify your animal on the one hand, and you are its owner on the other hand, as well as the veterinarian who issues it.With their vaccines and more. To cross the border with your pet, it must be vaccinated against rabies. In addition, to enter it in some countries (UK for example), you must also have the Echinococcus vaccine.

The passport indicates the typical file: name, date of birth, sex (watch out for that), gender, race, color…

The importance of caring for your pet

Since January 1, pets are part of the family and are considered by law to be another member. From now on, animals are already protected by law so that they cannot be mistreated and people who want to have one are responsible and have to take responsibility for it. There are many questions and answers about pets, from vaccinations to care or how to keep them happy.

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Dogs and cats are some of the most common animals that are usually kept at home in Spain. The law now requires a test before you get a pet, which is a test to prove you qualify for it, although there is a cap you can get them at home and you can’t chain them to a balcony or patio for too long because you can be fined up to €50,000.

Pet health is one of the biggest concerns in the home, they don’t suffer or suffer from pain. He tells you by his behavior what his mood is like, but also know what the law says when traveling on planes, public transport or how you have to take them in the car to comply with DGT regulations and not be fined.

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