pet collection | There are 1,000 pesetas bills that can be worth up to 30,000 euros

  • Pesetas have not been circulated for decades, but some can be worth hundreds of thousands of euros today

the Peseta It was legal tender in Spain before the adoption of the euro in 2001. Since then, the peseta It is no longer a circulated currencyso it has no formal value, but some were Re-evaluated as Numismatic collector’s item.

Deadline for Exchanging the peseta for the euro ending June 30, 2021. As of that date, They remained unchanged Bills and coins representing 3.2% of the value of the old coin, equivalent 1.575 million euros. Of this number, 793 million correspond to tickets And 782 million LBP CoinsWhich represent 1.7% and 31% respectively of the amount in circulation at the time of the euro’s issuance.

Most of the people who stayed with them did so out of nostalgia or simple ignorance. However, for numismatists, some coins can be worth thousands of euros. It depends on the type of currency Antiquity or historical value. If you are lucky enough to have some of these pieces by experts in your credit, you can make some good money.

Pesetas worth hundreds and thousands of euros

The typical case is that of a coin minted in 1870 worth 100 gold pesetas. It’s a “rare” piece, ever since Only 12 of them are knownas described by the coin portal “Coin Collectors”. Only 6 copies are in private hands, while the other six are in the Fábrica de Moneda y Timbre de España (FNMT) collection. It can be completely priced 250,000 euros By uncirculated specimens and in excellent condition.

Another, albeit somewhat milder, example is Par A thousand pesetas bill in 1982, of which there are very few copies because it had a poor circulation in its day. This sample arrived Priced at 30,000 euros at auction.

Ticket auctions 1000 pesetas starting in 1886a piece they came to pay for Between 15,000 and 20,000 euros due to a sq error.

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Far from these examples, though still very valuable, they are The bill of 10 pesetasissued in Burgos on November 21, 1936, sold on, expert and specialized evaluation site, For 1300 euros.

Likewise, there are other, more common specimens for which you can also earn hundreds of euros, depending on their rarity, such as 2 peseta coin of Alfonso XIII of 1894, for which they pay 400 euros.

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