pet care | How do you make ice cream for your dog?

The hotter months are here and our pets, just like us, will appreciate eating something fresh in the summer hot days. There are many alternatives to be able to make heat more bearable for our dogs and one of them is Dog ice cream

We will not be able to give dogs ice cream to humans because it contains additives And sweeteners very Harmful for your object. Chocolate is one of the most used ingredients in ice cream, which is a food It can be fatal for our dogs.

This is why there are more ice creams for dogs in stores basic And cheap Refreshing our best friends is by making them their own proper ice cream.

The food we can give our dogs

vegetables like carrotthe peas Wave squash They are most commonly used in canine ice cream. Another alternative is fruits like applethe watermelonthe pears or the banana Which provide vitamins and minerals for dogs and also hydrate them. But without a doubt, the best food we can give is shredded meat, since we are carnivores, there is no better option to digest it better than this.

Types of ice cream for dogs

Banana ice cream

Very nutritious and consistent, in addition to being refreshing, our dogs will feed. To make it we will only need Half a banana (the more mature the better) and ynatural wages Without sugar or lactose. If the yogurt is skimmed, even better.

Mix ingredients in a mixer Blend it until it becomes a cream-like consistency. Once the dough is done, fill the same ice cream bowl or a Mold Pour it and put it in the fridge for a few 3 or 4 hours until the consistency of ice cream becomes coherent.

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Chicken ice cream

Undoubtedly our pet’s favourite. More than ice cream, we can talk about a complete meal that refreshes and nourishes our dog. with Chicken fillet Half a cup of vegetable broth and the ones peas also carrot We have more than enough.

put to cook Chicken breasts and vegetables No salt or pepper added. Once it has softened, remove the broth from the heat and allow it to cool. When you’re done, shred the meat and put it all in mixer to create a kind of generous.

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Divide the mixture into the molds and put it in the freezer until it reaches the consistency of ice cream and that’s it!

These are just a few examples, but there are endless types of ice cream that can be made for our dogs, as long as the food it contains is good for the animal. On these hot weeks, they will thank us!

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