Peru withdraws its ambassador to Mexico due to Lopez Obrador’s interference

On Friday, President Dina Boulwart announced the “final” withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador to Mexico, and based her decision on the repeated statements of support from the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorof the former Peruvian president, Pedro Castillo, calling his dismissal a “great injustice”.

The final withdrawal of Manuel Talavera places relations between the two countries “at the level of business managers” as with the government of Colombia.

“I strongly reject the statements made today by the President of Mexico (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) regarding the internal affairs of Peru and the unacceptable questions he has repeatedly asked about the constitutional and democratic origin of my government,” said President Dina Boloart. Public statement accompanied by the Prime Minister, Alberto Otarola, and counselor Anna Gervasi.

“Mr. López decided to support the coup carried out by former President Pedro Castillo, on December 7, 2022, the same coup that generated the unanimous rejection of the institutions that make up the democratic system in Peru and the decision of Congress to abolish it … using a faculty recognized in the Constitution.”

Yesterday, the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador, said that the dismissal of the former head of state was a “great injustice.”

Interrogation of President Polarte

“I’ve watched polls where the fake president has an approval rating of 15%. 85% disapprove of it, but Congress and Representatives still agree less. “They have 90% of no and yet they rule by bayonets,” he said at the daily conference known as “La Mananera”.

Mexico took in the family of Pedro Castillo. his wife, Lilia Paredes, and their children, Arnold and Alondra, to whom he granted political asylum. Last Thursday, the Castillo family was welcomed by the Mexican president to the National Palace. According to El Universal newspaper, the former first lady asked him to intercede before the United Nations to release Castillo and return him to the government.

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The president said after meeting with Castillo’s wife, Lilia Paredes..

On December 7, Pedro Castillo led a failed autocoup and wanted to seize all powers. Two hours later, Castillo was arrested – when he was heading to the Mexican Embassy in Peru because he had been granted asylum.

Since President Boluarte replaced the deposed head of state, it has never been officially recognized the governments of Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, and Honduras; An unprecedented situation in the history of Peruvian foreign policy in the last century.

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