Peru declares a national emergency in an effort to stop the protests

The Peruvian government announced this Wednesday national emergency For 30 days due to intense protests in Peru, according to the Minister of Defense, Alberto Otarola. According to executive sources who told the ABC, “A curfew will be imposed in sections where airports, milk and gas plants have been seized, and government buildings such as Apurímac, Arequipa, Cuzco, Ica, and Puno have been set on fire.”

After seven days in office, President Dina Boulwart made a three-time correction to the general election date; First of all, he said it will be in July 2026; Then he went to April 2024 and is now indicating that the new election date will be in December 2023. “I met with the National Assembly where he was the president of the jury for the national elections, but (the elections) could be brought forward to December 2023,” Boulwart said in remarks from the Government Palace in Lima. The Bulwart government is facing an internal and external crisis. As of Wednesday, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia had not recognized their CEO.

On the other hand, sources close to the government palace have informed the ABC network that a week after the appointment of the Prime Minister, Pedro Angulo, he will be replaced by the closest advisor to President Boulwart: the current Minister of Defense, Alberto Otarola. Angle’s departure is due to Multiple setbacks which he adhered to when talking about the moves, for example, when he stated that he was unaware that protests were taking place because he did not watch television, as he was busy reviewing profiles and interviewing future members of the government team.

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Petro with Castillo

Despite the fact that Peruvian Foreign Minister Ana Maria Gervasi delivered a letter of protest to the governments of Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina over the joint statement in support of Castillo, Colombia’s president, Gustavo Petro, tweeted again in support of the ex-detainee. president. Petro emphasized that “the crisis in Peru, and the arrest, without a judge and without defense, of a popularly elected president, raises serious questions.” The role of the American Convention in the Latin American legal system.

For this reason, on Wednesday, the ambassadors of the European Union, among them the Ambassador of Spain to Peru, Alejandro Alvargonzalez; UK Ambassador Gavin Cook; A UN representative, Igor Garavulich, visited Bulwart to support his administration.

Today (Wednesday) I met with President Boulwart to talk about the importance of Protect democratic institutionsand follow the constitutional order. “We will continue to work together for the development of Peru with the unity government,” the British ambassador said. Before the US ambassador to Peru, Lisa Kenna, met with the president in order to support her in the face of the ignorance of the Peruvian government on the part of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico.

Peruvian justice postponed until Thursday the hearing in which it will determine whether or not former President Pedro Castillo will be released.

The Peruvian Court of Justice postponed until Thursday the hearing in which it will determine whether or not to release Castillo. In Wednesday’s hearing, the supreme judge, Juan Chicli, adjourned the remand hearing, as 18 months in prison is being sought against the former president, who is serving a week in jail after his execution. Failed self-coup Where he sought to seize all powers by using the armed forces and the police.

The postponement, according to Castillo’s defense, is due to the fact that the rights of the former president were not fulfilled. Raul Noblesilla, one of the lawyers, who is part of Castillo’s team, assured ABC that “we are facing a judicial system that goes back to the Constitution. Under these circumstances, it is not only very difficult for us to exercise the defense, it is impossible to exercise it. This is the main reason why we do not want to.” In participating in this pretrial detention hearing against the President entry in comparsa With those who do not believe in institutions and democracy,” noting that “the rights of President Castillo to remove him from Congress have not been achieved.”

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