Perotto Chingo Concerts | “In Europe they treat us as equals… and that’s nice”

Song and sunset united Julia Ortiz And Lola Aguirre 11 years ago. They were in Cabo Bologna (Uruguay) about to enter the night when suddenly, a tune took center stage. They left the big city a long time ago to see each other in front of the sea, and then they let themselves be swept away by accident. Over time this harmony took on a name Chinetto laughedbut then it was just a song until the present someone almost unexpectedly recorded it.

became the topic One of the first viral phenomena on YouTube After accumulating more than 30 million hits. unintentionally , The Argentine duo laid down roots in what is now Perotá Chingó: a musical phenomenon that, in April of this year, will recreate that postcard in Spain.

“We want to celebrate the 11-year cycle with all the people who welcomed us from day one with so much respect and love,” says Lola. To which Julia adds: “We haven’t traveled to Europe for a long time. With the pandemic we couldn’t, so we’re eager to meet the public again & rdquor ;. Total, Four dates Where they will play the most requested songs from their three albums and two edited episodes: Madrid (April 11, Music Station), Barcelona (14, Palace of Music), Bilbao (12, Cafe Antzokia) and Valencia (16, La Rambleta Theatre).

complicityAnd AliensAnd longing for iruyaAnd time after And the plants grow up are five of the most listened-to compositions, which On Spotify they attract over 585,000 monthly listeners. “Every ability has its own peculiarity and its own way of dealing with the artist. I remember that in Sweden and Switzerland, the audience seemed very distant at first… But once we got into the dynamic of the concert, they became very loving. It all depends on the chemistry that is created & rdquor; Lula explains.

In this decade, they shared the stage with names like DegavanAnd LeninAnd Caesar boyAnd Fernando CabreraAnd Joss StoneAnd Anita TejouxAnd shampoo… “One of the things we like most is the closeness of Europeans. In South America, there is a sense of intolerance. However, they treat us as equals there. And that is very nice,” says Julia.

Since its inception as an acoustic song, with folk vibes and Latin American roots, Perotá Chingó has expanded its creative boundaries and has recently discovered new sounds and arrangements in its songs, including beats Electronics and folk tunes from other latitudes. What has caused his music to be felt with such intensity wherever it is: It is so authentic that it is hard not to be swept away by its purity. In this 11 year roundThe collection will once again celebrate life, the earth, and the vine through a special tour of its catalog.

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“One of the great novelties is that we’re coming back to it I have Diego Cotillo, the first guitarist of the formation. We call him back. It adds a lot to us. Let’s go with a new band and with new sounds. They are the ones we have been working on in recent years, without forgetting our essence, ”Laura concludes.

For Spanish appointments, in addition, they will have special guest They don’t disclose it yet. “We’re really looking forward to seeing what happens. This Displays It is a gift to all the people who have accompanied us from the beginning, ”emphasizes Julia. And also to them & mldr; who are now reaping the fruits of blind sowing. with heart.

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