People say we look half our age – these anti-ageing tips make the difference

People say we look half our age – these anti-ageing tips make the difference

Daily Star has found four women who were praised for their ageless appearance and who shared the secrets of their skincare routine that take years off their faces

A group of women have shared the easy anti-ageing tips they’ve picked up over the years to make them look years younger.

Ageing is an inevitable process in our lives and while we can’t stop the body clock, there are ways to counter the changes to our body that will make a huge difference.

Sun protection and a regular skincare routine are key to the fountain of youth, but lifestyle changes and eating habits also contribute to keeping your skin bright and glowing.


Daily Star has gathered four gurus who have been practising ways to reverse all signs of ageing.

Gameshow model Amber Lancaster recently left her fans stunned as they refused to believe she is 41 years old.

She credits it to the four tried-and-tested products she’s been using for years – including an £8 Pond’s cream.

“Tretinoin – you need a prescription for this – I’ve been using it for 15 years and it literally changed my skin,” the blonde beau said.

“The Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream, I’m obsessed with it, people have raved about it forever – you can use it on your lips, on your cuticles, hands, heels.”

The final one is a serum from Skin Ceuticals which claims to improve the appearance of lines and loss of firmness.

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Health-conscious Ella took the internet by storm when she shared her ways to “age backwards” without using any Botox or injections.

Despite being 52, the guru feels confident in her own skin and she now shares her secrets on TikTok on ways “to look 10 years younger”.

She said: “Use vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol, sunscreen and drink collagen. Do facial exercise too!”

These are the beauty steps everyone can do to delay ageing process and bring the best out in their skin.

Ms Dongan, 42, has stunned fans with her ageless beauty and jaw-dropping curves.

The mum-of-two, who is about to launch her own Korean beauty product Biimil, was told by many that she looks no more than 25 years old.

Some fans can’t even tell the difference between her and her daughter.

Sharing her routine to take good care of her skin, she showed fans how to do it with a derma roller.

“Prepare a 1mm derma roller and 70% or more alcohol,” Ms Dongan said in a TikTok post.

She recommends soaking the roller in alcohol for 10 minutes to disinfect, then to start rolling “from the neck” and later other areas on her face in different directions.

Derma roller can help stimulate collagen and elastin with a pore-reducing effect, and Ms Dongan said it’s good to “reduce fine lines and wrinkles”.

Though age is just a number, people are conscious of their looks and influencer Isabelle certainly pays extra attention to her skin.

The 31-year-old was praised for looking half her age and she credited her ageless appearance to her strict beauty routine.

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“Use a face-specific towel or even a paper towel, regular towels are way too rough and hold tons of bacteria in them,” she said in a clip.

Washing your face in the shower is a no-no because the hot water will open the pores and push shampoo and body cleanser into the skin.

“When you sleep on the side, you will develop all these wrinkles on the side of your face that nothing can repair.”

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