Paul Pogba experienced depression due to falling out with Jose Mourinho

Paul Pogba experienced depression due to falling out with Jose Mourinho

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has said that he suffered from depression after falling out with Jose Mourinho during his tenure as Manchester United manager.

In December 2018, Mourinho left his position as manager of Manchester United. This was done because of the increasingly difficult relationship between Pogba and Mourinho, a year later Mourinho was finally fired.

Since that incident, Pogba admitted that he had experienced depression many times, but he never told anyone.

“I’ve had depression many times in my career, but I never talk about it,” he said.

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“Sometimes, you don’t know I’m depressed, I just want to isolate myself, alone, and these are signs that don’t lie,” she said.

“Personally, it started when I was with Jose Mourinho in Manchester. You’re asking yourself questions, wondering if you’re at fault, because you’ve never had a moment like this in your life.”

Looking for Help to Patrice Evra
After Mourinho’s sacking, Pogba was only able to tell his family and speak to former Manchester United team-mate Patrice Evra to help deal with it.

Paul Pogba

He didn’t want that to affect his performance when he played for Manchester United.

“I don’t want these negative moments to make me forget all my achievements, but it’s not always easy,” he said.

“And when you can’t do everything alone, I talk a lot with Uncle Pat (Evra), a former player who is experiencing (depression), because they will understand you immediately,” Pogba said.

“Speaking, being listened to, letting out all the anger and depression that is eating away at you, it’s a must for me,” he explained.

World Cup Medal Stolen
On the same occasion, Pogba also told about the nightmare that befell his family when his house was robbed during Manchester United’s Champions League match against Atletico Madrid.

The future of Paul Pogba at Manchester United is not yet clear, many clubs are trying to take advantage of it. Not only foreign clubs, it turns out that there are two Premier League clubs who are trying to hijack Pogba.

Pogba’s contract at Manchester United expires at the end of the season. Negotiations for a new contract are still at an impasse. The Red Devils really want Pogba to stay.

If he does not renew the contract, the Frenchman can be obtained for free in the summer transfer window of 2022. This condition makes many clubs ready to accommodate Paul Pogba.

Moreover, the 29-year-old himself on several occasions did not rule out moving clubs in the summer of 2022.

Initially there were four foreign clubs interested in Pogba, namely Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. According to regulations, Pogba has been able to have talks with clubs outside England since January 2022.

Two English Clubs
According to Sky Sports’ latest report, Pogba’s fans continue to grow. Now there are two Premier League clubs who are also ready to annex the former Juventus player in the summer of 2022.

The two clubs, whose identities have not been revealed, have already announced their interest in Pogba.

It is said that one of the Premier League clubs who are interested in Pogba is Manchester City. Manager Josep Guardiola is interested in using Pogba’s services.

If you move to City, Pogba will be hated by MU fans. The previous Manchester United player who crossed to the City was Carlos Tevez. But for Pogba, the fans will be more angry. Because Pogba himself is a Manchester United player.

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