Passapalabra rider demands team change: ‘I don’t even want to help him’

It is one of the programs of the moment. Everyone talks about it in the queue at the supermarket or in the office. Pasapalabra has managed to transcend the small screen and become one of the most watched programs on TV. But talking about one is not always good. Or at least not completely.

Pasapalabra has been one of the hottest free TV contests for years. Not in vain for years he was victorious over Telecinco by vanquishing the latter part of the afternoon. Several months ago, a Supreme Court ruling forced the major Mediaset chain to stop broadcasting this format, which was presented by Cristian Galvez. At the time, Antena 3 chose to buy it and it was more than just a successful decision. It is no coincidence that the existence of this program and El Hormiguero has made the Vicente Valleés news broadcast before and after these highly successful programs the most watched of the day.

Telecinco tried by all means to prevent the escape of viewers who usually consume this type of competition. But he did not understand it. Formats like Precio Justo or Alta Tension, which in their day were very successful on Mediaset and on Cuatro, have made a comeback, but had to live a better life on other channels because they didn’t have the success that was expected of them.

Furthermore. Telecinco tried to prolong Save me and gossip news while watching how spectators of the competition joined more and more in the competition in which people like Pablo Díaz, the last donut-winning contestant who came home, became famous for more than one million euros.

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The success of the program largely depends on it: on the presence of loyal viewers of some contestants who manage to become an additional member of the family of those on the other side of the small screen. This closeness and kindness is what makes more and more people join the coordination to try to get the biggest prize possible for these contestants.

However, on the show that aired yesterday, something was about to happen that didn’t happen in the show’s history. A guest requested a change of team after Orestes, who told a “terrible” joke, spoke up. Arturo Gonzalez Campos, the Spanish humorist, said that it never happened that someone changed teams in the middle of the program, right? “Well, stay tuned.” The guest settled: “If I no longer want to help him, I don’t feel like it.

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