Pasapalabra Boat | They suspect that the Pasapalabra boat will be delivered that day after this move

Orestes Barbero and Rafa Castano Keep participating in frantic duels in Rosco’s latest audition to win the program’s jackpot, and that’s already enough. 1,936,000 euros. anthill Doubts aroused among the viewers of the Antena 3 competition about the day when these duels will end when the grand prize will be handed over to the millionaire.

Announcer Pablo Mutos announced to the public last Thursday Who will be the guests? Next week, when the last four programs of the year air.

Among the other familiar faces presented is Cristina Pedroche, who will once again lead Chimes with Alberto Chicote on Antena 3.

“Tuesday, There are a lot of expectations With them, the contestants will be password Orestes Barbero and Rafa Castano”, declared Mutus.

Advance speech anthill They raised speculation among the contest audience when asked on social networks If this would be today Where one of them takes the boat out of the program.

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At the moment, the series not confirmed That this is why both contestants appear on anthillWe will have to wait until that day to see if the suspicions are true.

Since “Pasapalabra” has been broadcast again on Antena 3, so Only Pablo Diaz has gone through it anthill To be interviewed after winning the jackpot. In this case, there may be other reasons to invite both participants, since this week Orestes Barbero became the first contestant standing More than 300 follow-up programmes in context.

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