Partner of Sergio Ramos, founder of McFit and responsible for the “Love Parade” disaster

Life of a well-known German gym tycoon and businessman Rainer Schaller Suddenly and tragically on October 21, when the private plane he was traveling on with his family crashed near Costa Rica.

Schaller, 53, girlfriend, and two young children, from Only 5 and 6 years old. The plane lost track when it had only 30 kilometers left to reach its destination. Although not all of the bodies have been found, their disappearance and the discovery of part of the fuselage confirm the dramatic end.

Rainer Schaller has spent his whole life in a series of successful businesses, such as the well-known gym chain low cost McFit, Europe’s largest, or John Reed’s line of luxury gyms, a business place to join Sergio Ramos.

The Piaggio P.180 Avanti they were on crashed just 30 kilometers from their destination in Limón, Costa Rica.

At the end of 2021, Schaller arrived in the Spanish capital to join the former Real Madrid captain, today in Paris Saint-Germain, and found the first gym bearing the name of the famous footballer.

A prosperous union supported by the enormous experience of the German businessman in the world of fitness, and his most profitable adventure, which brought him the least problems in his career. Previous invasions did not meet the same fate.

Tragedy of the “Love Parade”

On July 24, 2010, in Duisburg, Germany, the “Love Parade” disaster occurred, in which 21 people were killed, including two 22-year-old Spanish girls, and about 511 were injured due to the avalanche that occurred. In the only access tunnel to the enclosure. The organizer of the festival was Rainer Schaller.

The event specialized in electronic music, was suspended automatically, after the tragedy that swept the world. Schaller has not been convictedbut admitted, when he testified at trial as a witness, of “moral responsibility” for the disaster.

The authorities are still searching for the bodies.

Twelve years after that tragedy, when the life of the businessman was in a time of personal happiness and great financial health, fate showed its most cruel face.

The businessman and his family had just spent a few days in Los Angeles, Schaller had several business meetings, and were embarking on an extended vacation trip across South America.

After the Costa Rican authorities lost track of the plane The bodies of an adult and a child were found., which is believed to correspond to Schaller and his son, although it has not been officially announced. The remains of the plane’s fuselage were also recovered, and work is continuing in the area to clarify the causes of the accident and retrieve the rest of the bodies. Days pass and hope fades.

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