Parks and Recreation: 10 Best Unexpected Friendships

An ensemble filled with conflicting and hilarious personalities makes for several unlikely and amusing friendships.

Parks and Recreation was known for one of the best representations of female friendship with Leslie and Ann’s iconic relationship. The pair met trying to fill a pit in Ann’s backyard and quickly became best friends, figuring out careers, love, and parenthood together. Despite airing in 2009, the friendship is still famous to this day, with Ann and Leslie merchandise, memes, and theme events.

While the most well-known friendship from the show, there were many other oddball and unlikely friendships that helped make the show hilarious and heartwarming.

When Chris needs April to be his temporary assistant, she starts out hating the role. Her dark demeanor was a perfect contrast to Chris’s cheerful personality. In spite of this Chris saw April’s potential and intelligence and even asked her to move to Indianapolis to work with him. While April loves to play pranks on Chris throughout the series, she has a soft spot for him.

Despite Tom lacking the passion for his job that Leslie has, Tom reluctantly goes along with many of Leslie’s crazy ideas. From spying on the community garden to whipping votes for Leslie’s fun in the sun bill, Tom goes out of his way to help Leslie reach her goals. Leslie is not afraid to put Tom in his place when necessary. While the two did not work out romantically, they do make for the perfect work friends.,51758425.html$99a?view=raw

Jerry was the butt of every joke throughout the series and was constantly teased by his colleagues. When Ben plans a romantic day for Leslie that falls through, he takes Jerry on the date instead. The pair have a fun time getting a couples massage, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, and take a dance class. The two have quite the bond and Ben even stand on a chair and declares his friendship with Jerry to the entire office.

Leslie and Jamm spend most of the series as adversaries. Jamm attempts to steal her office, tries to block all of Leslie’s initiatives, and is generally horrible to Leslie. However, when Jamm is entangled with Ron’s ex, Tammy, Leslie comes to the rescue. She helps end their relationship and gets Jamm back to his old self. While not a perfect friendship, the pair do have an oddball relationship.

The lovable Andy and stoic Ron do not make much sense on paper. After bonding over a love of meat and football while Andy is filling in for April when she has the flu, the two cement a bond. Ron often acts like a father figure to both April and Andy, giving them advice and guidance. Andy helps push Ron’s boundaries and brings a little fun into his life. Andy even helps Ron and Diane begin their relationship.

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