Papresa continues its transformation promoted by Quantum Capital Partners

Papresa continues its transformation. Lindacary, Inigo UrculoThis morning, I presided over the inauguration of Rentería’s new water treatment plant, a new milestone in this operation led by Quantum Capital Partners. Guipúzcoa’s Attorney General, Marquel Olano, also attended the inauguration. Government Delegate to the Basque Country, Denis Etxo; the mayor of Errenteria, Aizpea Otaegi; Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Arantxa Tapia, and Commissioner for the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (Part) of industrial decarbonisationLouis Colunda.

On behalf of Quantum Capital Partners, CEO and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Jurig; General Manager, Tilmann Richter, and Partner of Iberia, Yakoma Ambruster. Thus, Papresa advances its technological and organizational transformation plan without abandoning its commitment to sustainability and the environment. The modern industrial wastewater treatment plant (Edari) will reduce the polluting organic load of the wastewater and produce green biogas for self-consumption.

It will serve as fuel for the steam boilers used in the production of paper, thus reducing the environmental impact. PAPRESSA has been undergoing a deep industrial transformation and modernization since its acquisition by Quantum Capital Partners (QCP) in October 2020. The results have already been seen. It issued a total of €210m in 2022, up 40.5% compared to the previous year. This operation was among its main objectives Diversifying 50% of newsprint production towards wrapping paper.

In addition, the new plant, which is firmly committed to sustainable development, also contains an anaerobic reactor that allows it to reduce the organic load of discharge by 80%, ensuring that the water used during the paper production process returns to nature as quickly as possible. as clean as possible. The investment fund Quantum Capital Partners in Munich, stands out for its specialization in corporate acquisitions that require a shift in their business model or at its industrial base. It partners with strong local leadership teams to implement these deep change strategies.

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Currently, Quantum Capital Partners It has 18 corporate portfolios It is spread across seven European countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal) and belongs to different sectors, such as food, aluminum, automobile, engineering, aerospace, consumer goods, toys and paper.

“Paprissa is living history, an example of companies that have learned to preserve themselves for decades.” “Thanks to this important investment, it offers a different and different service in the market, and the reason why it became a reference company. Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, said during the presentation that it is essential to have companies and companies that strive for excellence.

“Progress must be accompanied by a firm commitment to the environment. It is a question that afflicts all of us indiscriminately. Commitment is not a choice but an obligation. It is very important to see steps like the one we know today. This new plant will help reduce the impact on the environment. Orculo added that commitment and progress are a vital approach.

For his part, Miguel Sanchez, President and CEO of Papresa, noted that “Papresa is the largest paper and cardboard recycling company in the Basque Country. We manufacture paper using 100% recycled materials from selective collection (blue bin) and we recycle more than 400,000 tons annually. We are a clear example of a circular economy. We have internalized our responsibility towards taking care of the environment.”

The CEO and CEO of Quantum Capital Partners added: Stephen Guerig: «There is a need for institutional and labor support to build the new reality that we want Papresa. At Quantum Capital Partners, we are proud to see that, after significant effort and investment, we have finally built a transformational company.” “This is the biggest investment we have made in the last two years, it is very satisfying to see that everything has turned out so well.”

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During the visit to the facilities, the company’s president and CEO, Miguel SanchezHe also presented the project based on converting part of the production facilities towards wrapping paper. Thanks to this ambitious strategic plan, Papresa has been able to increase its production capacity to 400,000 tons per year.

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