Palomo Spain, among the most influential designers in Spain’s fashion history

Palomo Spain has become one of the hottest fashion designers in Spain at the moment, something no one doubts anymore. for you Advance and claim fame In recent years I have turned it into a standard, it has gone from promise to Well-established designer in the first level. This development brought him not only the possibility of working with high-profile artists such as Beyoncé, but also recognition, to the point that the publication has already ranked him among the most important dressmakers in the history of Spain and one of the most important dressmakers in the history of Spain. The main foundations For the Spanish brand, both for Present As for him future.

“From Fortuny to Palomo”

Trial calledDressing dreams. From Fortuny to Palomoits author Luis Sala Mikel, It was published by Mutxamel Publishing House at the end of last year. does an analysis the past hundred years fashion In Spainits evolution, its greatest and least successful moments, the current situation and, of course, Most relevant designers.

The role of Spain Palomo

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And it is that the guiding thread of the work, which begins with Mariano Fortuny, has a proverb Fashion designers main focus. Among its pages appear such names as David Delfín, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada or Hangisi. Other more modern names also appear, such as Maria Rodriguez Or of course Alejandro Gomez Palomo.

Palomo Spain closes the aforementioned common thread, which the author indicated is one of The main strongholds of the so-called Won Gil. Interviewed by the media in Alicante Plaza, Sala Mikel highlights the role of Malino, who he says is ” real revolutionFor both women’s and men’s fashion.

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