Pablo Milanes: Five key songs behind Yolanda

There is something offensive in the way that Yolanda, with her timeless beauty, seems to have monopolized the legacy of the late Pablo Milanes, a prolific artist. More than 300 songs He has published nearly a hundred recordings, solo or in collaboration with other artists. He later reduced the work of the Cuban musician Yolanda To just five titles, that’s still an unfair reduction, but a worthy selection A gateway to a career that is definitely worth exploring With more breadth and detail.

“I will step onto the streets again”

The Revolutionary heart The new Cuban trova sings powerfully in this touching song, which the Milanés composed a few minutes after hearing the news of it. Chilean communist leader Miguel Enriquez dies At the hands of Pinochet’s repressive apparatus, October 5, 1974. “I will step on the streets again / In what used to be a bloody Santiago / In a beautiful liberated square / I will stop weeping for the absent.


One of the most prominent authors The first and most politicized stage Of his career is this discourse in which Milano without profiling words It refers to singer-songwriters who did not openly embrace the revolutionary cause in their lyrics. “Poor singer of our days / Who wouldn’t risk his rope for not risking his life ”. Over the years he himself managed his attitude and the song lost its presence in his live performances.

Lyrics to this song appear on some anthologies It is wrongly attributed to Mario Benedettiproving his poetic height, deep expression of A.S Uncaring and demanding feelings of affection at the same time. Since it was released in 1978 on LP Pablo Milaneshas become an indispensable reference in the concerts of the singer-songwriter from Bayamo and has been performed by many artists, from Miguel Rios to Heidi Milanes, daughter of the Troofero.

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“The short space you’re not in”

An exciting introduction to memory for violin and piano gives way to One of its most popular and released author numbers. Perhaps the lyrics to this picture about a passion without compromise, without ties, without a future (“Usually violent and affectionate/ Don’t speak of eternal unions/ But give themselves as if there were/ Only one day for love” rdquor;) fly a little lower than the other pieces written by the Milanés, but in combination with the music it achieves devastating effect.

“I’ve seen you go through a man’s arm / A certain way that could be me.” Milanis was a master of loving song but Shine more when it comes to portraying heartbreak. This is perhaps his most distinctive composition in the haunting subgenre, which he transcends elegantly by conveying the pain of loss without falling victim or whining. Melancholy made a song To penetrate the heart of the listener.

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