Outstanding photo trick | The fork trick is to hang the picture without going crazy

  • Forget about seeing them and wishing them to align the picture hook with the nail on the wall with this simple trick

Fashion usually rules home décor trends, as it does in the world of clothing. When decorating our home the most important thing Give it our personal touch To adapt spaces and rooms to our tastes and feel comfortable. The decoration of your home can be the essential part of making your home attractive. Although sometimes you don’t really know what tricks to use to create a file The room is well designed and organized. Some mistakes are usually made that lead to spaces in our home not being decorated well at all.

Tiktok is one of the most used social networks global level currently. All believers of this platform will know that with their videos they can entertain and discover locations, places, recipes, dances and even tricks that you never thought of before. And it’s on TikTok A solution to almost any problem It can happen to you. In the case in question: Hang a picture on the walla task that can become difficult for the inexperienced.

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Hanging a picture on the wall is a process that requires it Follow a series of stepsSuch as measuring distances, using some sort of level to make sure they are straight, marking holes, driving screws, etc. All this with the aim of being aesthetically well placed and harmonious in relation to the environment.

Finally, you do Comment your own photowhich is sometimes not as simple as it might seem, largely due to You can’t see the nail while it’s hanging.

The fork trick is to hang the picture

If all of the above is a little stressful for you, don’t worry. Fortunately, TikTok is coming to the rescue again: these days a Ingenious homemade hack for hanging a picture using a fork.

the user Tabitha Blue ( explains in her video how you can easily hang a painting using a sturdy fork, a simple trick with which you can always hang things on the wall On the first try and without any difficulty. Comment pictures the easy way!!! 🫶🏼 Once you get that nail in the wall … Are you like me and usually scrape the photo on the wall about 20 times for it to be taken?? 🤪😭 We are slowly putting together a few more gallery walls in our house (and finally printing more pictures 🙌🏻🙌🏻, and using this fork hack to catch the wire was very useful!!! You have wire, you can easily add it – makes hanging frames, adjusting frames, swapping out Art is much easier for me.

As you can see in the video, the method is simple and effective. When the nail is already in the wall, it is enough to hang a thorn from it, letting the ends slide out. In this way, the fork should be held against the nail with the handle pointing toward the ceiling.

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Once we have the fork in the desired position, just drSlide the tire hanger over the fork until it rests on the nail. Once you’re done, all you have to do is carefully remove the fork and the tire will fit perfectly, without having to fight with it and without risking it. The frame hangs poorly and falls to the ground.

Picture hanging replacements without nails

There are many who seek to hang pictures and other objects on the walls of their homes without damaging them and without leaving visible marks, which is really important in the event that they want to change their locations in the future (or the landlord does not allow them to do so). holes in the wall).

  • Fortunately, there are different options that allow for this Hang pictures without the need to drill or make holes, It can also be used to install shelves and other decorative objects:

  • Adhesive hooksAdhesive hooks are a convenient, damage-free option for hanging pictures on smooth surfaces, such as painted walls or doors. These hooks come in different sizes and different weight capacities, so you can choose the right one for your frame. It sticks to the wall and can be easily removed without leaving any trace.

  • Photo sticky tapes: Adhesive photo strips are an alternative to traditional screws and hooks. It is specially designed for hanging pictures and other decorative items on the wall. These adhesive strips have a strong hold and can be removed without damaging the wall by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Image fixer: Picture frames are one of the best known, and one of the most effective, options for use on wood, plaster, or stucco walls. These are small metal hooks that install without tools thanks to their two sharp points firmly attached to the wall. They can each support about 8kg.

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