Other surprises of the site of Badajoz of Tartsy

Not the first surprise that gave the position of the Casas del Turuñuelo (Badajoz), although at the moment it is the most transcendent due to its ability to change the perception that the Tartessian culture had. The five human faces found in the Guareña excavations this Tuesday are preceded by other landmarks; The most popular so far has been The one with the largest documented animal sacrifice In the Iron Age I of the western Mediterranean. In 2017, researchers found the sacrifice of nearly fifty animals (mostly horses and cows) in the same courtyard as the grand staircase that has so far dominated the building.

In addition, the oldest fabrics of the Iberian Peninsula have been recovered there, the first sculpture of Greek origin or Older glasses In successive campaigns, before the interruption that occurred between 2018 and 2020 due to the confiscation of land (which was private) and the pandemic.

Work resumed last year with two loads of fossils which also had surprisesAmong them are a sarcophagus similar in appearance to a bathtub and decorated with braiding, as well as other moldings, a new adobe drawer and an infinite number of bronze braziers, strainer handles, cauldrons, glass, ceramics, seeds … and all that, in a building of “exceptional” quality From an architectural point of view.

The goal of this campaign is to find the main door to the building. At the moment there is absurdity

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The goal this year was to find the main access door which the researchers believe should be on the east side where they are excavating, as it is for a building with these characteristics. But the discovery has yet to materialize, although this Tuesday researchers went so far back that they have now found what appears to be a door opening.

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The interest this site has generated is due to the responses it throws The civilization that inhabited the southwest of the peninsula between the ninth and fifth centuries Before our era is evidenced by hundreds of researchers from various universities and international centers who cooperate in the work of the site, as only 30% of the estimated area of ​​the hectare has been excavated. 70% of the answers or unknowns about this civilization are still underground.

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