Other artwork vandalized before Sunflower

Just Stop Oil activists’ attack on Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” at the National Gallery in London, the second in a week against A work of special importanceand another one in the long list of attacks on avatar artwork.

On October 9, two people hung their hands on a Pablo Picasso painting massacre in koreaon temporary display in a presentation on the Spanish painter at the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne (Australia), to draw attention to the climate crisis.

The police managed to remove the glue that attached the protesters’ hands to a cover protecting the painting, and arrested the protesters. active And another person helped them.

Also this year, on May 25, billboard Mona LisaIt is one of the most important landmarks of the Louvre Museum in Paris A visitor threw a cake, Although the business was not damaged when the pastel hit the armored glass that had been protecting the oil for six decades. The attacker was caught by the security of the French Museum.

Among the many notable paintings that have suffered Deliberate attacksApart from attacks on works of art in the context of wars and armed conflicts, there are the following.

‘Mona Lisa’

In addition to the unsuccessful attack he suffered last May, the iconic work of Leonardo da Vinci collects assaults: in 1956 a man with mental problems they threw a stone against the plate broken glass Protect the work and cause the detachment of the pictorial layer at the height of the left elbow from Mona Lisa. These damages, although restored, are still visible.

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Then bulletproof glass was installed, which made it possible not to damage the panel anywhere else. attacksthis time with feewhich was launched in 1974 by a woman when the painting was on display at Tokyo National Museum (Japan). The assailant was protesting the museum’s policy that made it difficult for people with disabilities to access it.

Then it was decided that La Gioconda I will not leave the Louvre, But that didn’t stop a Russian woman from ejaculating in the box in 2009 The mug he just bought from the museum shop To protest the deprivation of his French citizenship. The canvas was not damaged.

“Night Watch” (Rembrandt).

This masterpiece, painted by the Dutch painter in the seventeenth century, has been subjected to numerous attacks. In 1911 it was stabbed for the first time, But the cut was superficial and only the varnish was torn off.

In addition to superficial damage, the 1990 attack he carried out was with acid Psychiatric patient thanks to the rapid intervention of the museum’s security guards.

It was more serious The cut that was given to the fabric when it was moved From its original location, in Kloveniersdoelen in Amsterdam, to the Town Hall in Dam Square: since it did not fit into the wall of the city hall, they cut off part of the left side and the top, which means that the three letters that were in the original are lost, the copy of which is preserved in the gallery National in London.

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“Venus mirror” (Velazquez).

In 1914 this work was attacked by National Gallery in London by Mary Richardson, a feminist, who stabbed him seven times. Richardson was sentenced to six months in prison.

“The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist” (Leonardo da Vinci).

It has also been shown at the National Gallery in London since 1962, the same year it was Attack with red paint By a German painter, so it was protected by glass. In 1987 he was awarded Shotwhich caused some damage precisely because of the protective glass particles, which is why it was chosen to display protected by armored glass.

“Guernica” (Picasso).

In 1974, he wrote an art dealer with red paint On Guernica Pablo Picasso, then exhibited in MoMa New York, the wordskill everyone& rdquo;. The paint has been cleaned and the plate is not damaged.

“Danae” (Rembrandt)

In 1985, in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Lithuania Bronius Mages He sprayed the work with sulfuric acid and gave it several stabs. The painting, after twelve years of restoration, was returned to the museum in 1997 protected by armored glass.

“Liberty leads the people” (Eugene Delacroix)

In 2003, she made a young woman Engraving with the sign at the bottom of the box. The work was exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Lens (France).

The Pont d’Argenteuil (Claude Monet)

In 2007 many people entered d’Orsay Museum in Paris And I destroyed the painting I left on crack about ten centimetersa clear result of punch.

Untitled painting by Cy Twombly.

In July 2007, a woman accepted a white painting by American artist Cy Twombly at a museum in Avignon (France) and left Lipstick mark on her lips on the cloth. The woman who pleaded her kiss was “an act of love, an act of art, a fine of 1,500 euros and 100 hours of social work.”

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“The Gulf” (Helen Frankenthaler)

in March 2006 Twelve-year-old boy Participate in a school visit hold gum In the painting “La Bahía” by the American abstract expressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler, exhibited at the Detroit Institute of Art (USA). The chewing gum left a small spot but the paint was recoverable.

“Woman on a Red Sofa” (Picasso).

In June 2012 man Spray with gold mist The painting was made by the painter from Malaga in 1929 and exhibited in the Menil Collection in Houston (USA). The painting can be completely restored.

In addition to paintings, many other works of art have come under major attacks, including iconic sculptures such as Michelangelo’s “La Piedad”, in the Romanesque Church of San Pedro, which in 1972. He lost an arm, an eye, and part of his nose After an attack on hammer blows; or “The Little Mermaid” by Edward Eriksende, in Copenhagen, which lost his arm -1984- She was beheaded twice -1964 and 1998- and she was torn from her base with explosives -2003- and she was attacked with paint several times.

I was also hit with a hammer in the Pompidou Center In Paris in 2006, “Fountain”, by Marcel Duchamp Porcelain urinal was slightly chipped.

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