Oscars Winners 2023 | Who are Daniels, the big winners of the ceremony?

Although some analysts insist on presenting her as a sweet husband freaks They infiltrated the Hollywood industry to blow it up from within with their bizarre films. Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinertthose responsible for Everything once everywhereThe film that passed the main categories at the Oscars 2023, two filmmakers with their own vision and who managed to come to terms with A time when technology imposes dislodged audiovisual narrativesDiverse and stimulating. They do not intend to blow up the work, but to modernize it a bit.

Born in 1988, Danielsis met when they were both studying film at Emerson College in Boston, and soon after realizing they shared a similar sense of humor, they began collaborating on Short films, video clips and commercials (They’ve worked with brands like Apple, Nike, Converse, and Levi’s), businesses in which they’ve already demonstrated they have unbridled creativity, sharp visual creativity, and An irrepressible penchant for silly humor.

Flatulence Harry Potter

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All of these traits are displayed with surprising ease in the couple’s first feature film, swiss army man (2016), a bizarre comedy in which a suicidal castaway (Paul DanoAbu Fablemans(finds puff’s corpse)Daniel Radcliffe, in an insane attempt to reveal himself after Harry Potter) and discover in him not only a friend but also a multipurpose tool. What it looks like at first Childish series of fart gags It develops into a human story with a bitter and gentle backstory She triumphed in style at the Sundance Festival and in SitgesWhere it won the award for best film.

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The film has been distributed by A24 Corporationwho was also responsible for producing Daniel Scheinert’s solo debut, Dick Long’s death (2019), another absurd comedy that tells the adventures of two somewhat misfits who try to hide the accidental death of a friend in a night of excesses. An acidic reflection on masculinity It is interspersed with jokes about penises and zoophilia Available on Filmin and whose undercover business career didn’t stop A24 from supporting Daniels’ next craze: a film about family values ​​and parallel universes that mixes humor, drama, martial arts, romance, animation, superhero action and cooking. Title, Everything once everywhere. The bet wasn’t entirely wrong.

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