Open paths to employment in the twenty-first century

Universities face different challenges. Sustainability, digitization, improving the quality of training, internationalization, the employability of its graduates, compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals … Students, for their part, encounter others: the labor market, artificial intelligence … Both interests are present in postgraduate courses, and it is a way to broaden the chosen specialization Opening doors to the labor market.

But, what should be considered when choosing the right master’s degree? Innovation, employability, teachers with professional experience or a comprehensive education are some of the elements that stand out from Comillas Pontifical University, which leads the list in this category in Spain and ranks seventh in Europe, with over 95% employability. QS rating, one of the most popular in the world. “Master’s degrees provide up-to-date content that is very close to what companies need,” they say of this institution, which offers nearly 40 graduate programs in which a large number of active professional professors teach, greatly enriching not only the educational experience but the learning you require. The company will ask for it.”

Listening to the business needs of companies is important, so it is necessary to innovate not only in teaching issues, but in various matters related to what society demands, as well as in social issues. “Both the profound changes and specialization of social work services in the field of health, require specific knowledge to advance excellence in professional practice, integrating health and society from the logic of direct intervention with citizens.” George confirms. Oroz, Head of the Department of the New University Master’s Degree in Social Work in the Health Field, the first in Spain in person and with a faculty of active professors.

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Choosing the right postgraduate course means securing a future job in the chosen sector. Above all, if learning, contents and teaching staff guarantee standards of innovation and openness. From the Master’s Degree in International Development Cooperation of the Jesuit University of Madrid, they emphasized that “the addition of new elements related to digitization and research in different aspects means that the postgraduate courses at the Pontifical University of Comillas have that distinctive element that companies are asking so many of us ». These elements are added to all courses Postgraduate studies offered by this university, as well as to eligible master’s degrees, such as those in public health psychology, access to the legal profession, industrial engineering or teacher of compulsory secondary education and baccalaureate.

Postgraduate courses are a means of expanding the chosen major and opening doors to the labor market

Knowledge for life should be added to the new skills that companies demand of their candidates and that are reflected in postgraduate courses. Experts say digitization is not a goal, but a process of continuous innovation through early adoption of tools that help companies compete agilely in a changing market. for this reason, Training plays an essential role in training people, Especially when “companies promote open innovation in their business models by applying new technologies through ‘partnerships’ with other agents in the business ecosystem,” according to Cristina Dominguez, Comillas ICADE MBA Director.

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