‘Open a watermelon without spraying anyone’: Politicians wear tuxedos in an election year

Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Viejo presented through a “photocall” with the President of the Junta of Andalusia and the Mayor of Seville in a year with more political presence than ever before in the movie awards seats

Clear lake Explained well. The actress from Malaga hosted the party and admitted that it was difficult to “open a melon without spraying anyone”. For years Goya’s concert received criticism for being laden with political demands. They “red” the cinema against the right-wingers, who boast without haste about not going to see Spanish films. the topic. It’s hard to find a tone of defense without feeding into the mantra created since 2003’s “No to War.” But he said that Antonio de la Torre“No self-censorship”.

We won’t say anything about ‘our’ left stranded in Sahara & rdquo; , joked Lago, to join the demand on Public health care Quality. The same allegation that opened the ceremony in the mouth of the family of the recently deceased Carlos Saura. De la Torre joked that no one should be confused with Goyas, let alone the Oscars, and so in two minutes, all the politicians who sat in the audience took their message: from the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, who opened new relations with Morocco, to the President The People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, who was confused a few days ago about the awards he would receive on Saturday in Seville.

There are no questions

The politicians came last. When TV and radio broadcasts ended. They are without questions. The head of the government, Pedro Sánchez, was intercepted by the artist Maria Del Monte. It is not yet known what he said to her, but he listened very intently as he took her by the arms and she relentlessly continued her narration. Genius and form. Then it was my turn Culture Minister Mikel Acita, who also heard the Sevillanas singer. Without dancing, of course. The government also attended Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, in fuchsia pink and Galician fashion, in a dress bearing the signature Purificación García. the Finance Minister María Jesus MonteroDressed as Carolina Herrera, he entered the conversation with the president, in red and black, as his city hostess and made way for him. Erin MonteroThe Minister for Equality did not want to miss out on the ceremony after difficult weeks due to the controversy over the Yes Yes Act.

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President of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, accompanied by his wife, Eva Cardenasby designer Jorge Vasquez, received by the team Rodrigo SorogoyenEspecially the Galician actor Louis Zahra, for which he won the Goya Award for Best Supporting Actor. It is not known whether the former chief of Xunta liked the “Westerner” who could upset the Galician with his atrocity, but he, of course, did not shy away from an affectionate hug from part of the political team.

President of the Andalusian Military Council, Juan Manuel Morenoin a tuxedo with Silbon and his wife Manuela Villena Nicholas of Montenegro did not disappoint again. Both are fixed at Goya, when in Andalusia, and at the Malaga Film Festival. With them, the Minister of Culture, Arturo Bernal, who has already changed his mind about the fact that Goyas are “pantomimes of progressives”. He said it in 2018 and asked for forgiveness, and his sins were already expiated. President of the Parliament of Andalusia, Jesus change me, He did not hesitate to happily wear a tuxedo. We don’t know if Malacara, the tweeter to whom the most memes are dedicated and who was in the audience, will play.

PP made peace with Spanish cinema a long time ago. Pablo Casado – today marks one year since his dismissal from the party – returned to Goya’s concert in 2019, also in Seville, after his party had decided since 2003 to secede from the Academy. Feijóo explained that his path is the same: cinema is, as his team explained, “Spanish, not right or left.

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Socialist Mayor of Seville Antonio Munoz, next to her husband, the writer Fernando Ribiso, and leaving Felina and Cárdenas amazed, companions of their political opponents, who touched the fabric of the handkerchief accompanied by the alderman of his tuxedo, giving it a different touch. The crowd yelled at the mayor as he got out of the car. But all beautiful things. From “Handsome” to “Long live the mayor.” Smile and let yourself be loved, who is fighting for something and going to the polls in May.

A visit to Seville will have a political counterpart, because in the pre-campaign stage There are no weekends or Sundays. Feijóo will be with Moreno at a political event in Seville to present candidates for Andalusian municipalities of more than 20,000 inhabitants. Sanchez will visit a technology company in Malaga. Of course, the leader of the People’s Party will not be in a hurry to go to bed because his appointment with the media is twelve. The head of government, of course, either does not intend to sleep, which many, many will do of those who have made it clear that they are coming to Seville to see the dawn after the institutional celebration, or perhaps, almost certainly, he will retire without toasting or celebrating anything because the hour has called Half past ten in the morning. We are in an election year and they are looking for votes always and everywhere.

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