On Thursday, Zuckerberg will launch a theme, the Meta social network, to compete with Twitter technology

Countdown to the birth of a new social network. The company, Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, announced that the threads application will be available this Thursday, which the group founded by Mark Zuckerberg wants to compete with Twitter, owned by Elon Musk. The launch caused a rift between the two poles, who challenged each other to a cage fight in Las Vegas.

And the application called “Themes” appeared on the Apple App Store, indicating that it will be available “soon” and that the expected date is “July 6, 2023.” The app is similar to Twitter of Instagram. It is a messaging social network based group photo and video app.

It is defined in the presentation as “Instagram text chat app”. Threads is the space where communities come together for different discussions, from the topics that matter to you today to the ones that will be trending in the future. Whatever your interests, you can follow your favorite creators and connect directly with them and other like-minded people, or build a loyal fan base Your own to share your ideas, opinions and creativity with the world.” The text accompanying the application.

By default, threads (which in English means threads, which refer to those that are opened on social networks) will offer users to start following the same accounts that the user follows on Instagram if they are already users of said network. This will allow the network to start with a large critical mass. The sample screenshots available show a social network similar to Twitter and many others like it, where you can comment on a message, like it, retweet it or export it for sharing.

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Initially, the app will be available in about thirty languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Ukrainian, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian, Hungarian, and Greek.

In the privacy information, it is indicated that the application can collect health data, financial information, contact information, content, browsing and usage history, purchases, location, search history, identifiers and private information, among others. This has led to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, to write: “All your strings belong to us,” which Elon Musk agreed to. However, the user information that Twitter collects is not much different.

The topics will attempt to tap into the frustration of millions of Twitter users with the authoritarian and chaotic management Elon Musk has been doing of the little bird social network since he bought it for $44,000 million. From adjusting the algorithm to make his messages more visible to spreading hardcore porn, to increasing the presence of hate mail, while complying with authoritarian governments’ censorship guidelines, many of Musk’s decisions have upset netizens of the social network and scared away many advertisers.

Added to this were the failures of the platform, and measures such as a daily limit on messages that can be read, management of verification marks and payment requirements in order to be able to access a piece of content. Twitter has also made a requirement that users be verified for using its online TweetDeck dashboard, apparently seeking additional revenue. A large part of these changes are not popular with users.

However, the appeal of Twitter is undeniable, because public and private figures, institutions, corporations, and all sorts of entities participate in the conversation, even if they frequently infringe copyrights and intellectual property rights over videos, images, and other content.

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If threads are seen by users as a viable alternative, the hit to Musk could be massive. Meta is arriving with its social network at an opportune time, as Twitter users are increasingly frustrated with Musk’s changes and are looking for a viable alternative, Matt Navarra, a social networking consultant, told the AP. Threads offer “the opportunity to jump into a platform that can give them a lot of things they want Twitter to continue to be no longer,” he said.

The Las Vegas fight between Zuckerberg and Musk has no history. One on social media continues Thursday.

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