Oluna’s “play” of Shakira’s song that no one expected

for some time now, Macarena OlonaOnce the powerful arm of Vox, it has published an amazing series of Changes in their speech and in their public communication. After abandoning the formation of the far-right leading to the failure of the Andalusian elections and the threat of health problems, the Extremaduran The transformation process has begun It is difficult to understand and no one knows where it is leading. Maybe not the same.

The final episode of this confusing and wonderful series is Related to Shakira and Jordi Evol. A strange tandem, but no less than Olona’s latest public appearance, in which Vox threatened to pull the plug, slammed Abascal, defended transgender people or attacked those who deny sexual violence. They are all commendable messages but what They do not match the previous rhetoric that elevated politics among its audience.

After launching the program Shakira session with BizarabOlona has already surprised locals and strangers by showing herself strongly in favor of the song and launching several messages of support for the Colombian singer. Recently, he once again caused a certain stupor by declaring that he would be so One of the interviewees for the new season of “Lo de Évole”. To announce the news, the state’s attorney uploaded a post on her networks posing in a T-shirt containing one of the phrases from Shakira’s song:Wolf like me is not for beginners“.

Whatever the possible explanations for the gesture (the show itself responded to the tweet saying they hope it “won’t spit it out”), things don’t end there. These days, a video deep It has gone viral on the networks: in it you can see Macarena Olona imitating Shakira’s song and dance.

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The video in question is a montage created thanks to this AI technology. However, Olona seems to have liked it and shared it on her own accounts. Included on his Instagram Stories, where he doesn’t say if the photos are real or not.

In fact, many users have taken it seriously and are starting to A rain of criticism falls on the former Fox. Of course, it will most likely be “sprayed”.

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