oil | Mercadona Oil that exfoliates the feet and leaves them comfortable and soft

Exposing the skin during the summer requires more body care. Hydration and protection are very important to good health and thus avoiding burns, blisters, irritation or even major problems in the long run. Plus, everyone likes their skin to feel smooth, fresh, and comfortable, and stores like Mercadona offer a wide range of products for that kind of thing.

Namely, Mercadona is a supermarket chain that does not stop growing and attracting more customers due to its wide variety of products in food, cleaning, cosmetics, etc. The chain contains hundreds of supermarkets distributed throughout the Spanish territory. The supermarket chain does not stop innovating and that is why many seek its new innovations.

The Valencia series triumphs with various products, both cosmetic, cleaning or, in particular, food. Mercadona’s brand is one of the favorite brands of customers and one of the best brands in our country. Deliplus, the Spanish company’s white label, offers its customers skin and body care products at more affordable prices than traditional brands. The aisles dedicated to care and hygiene are wide and every day they collect the most innovative products on their shelves. Specifically, the white brand launched a new hydrating body cream to replace the hydrating Dead Sea Butter. New Mercadona Vit-E sphere cream It contains, as the name implies, balls of vitamin E that dissolve upon contact with the skin. The container contains 250 ml at a price of 2.75 euros.

The new foot mask that’s a hit

Mercadona also put up for sale Foot Peeling Mask, something quite atypical, but using it can be more useful than you think. These bags that are attached around the feet contain an exfoliator that removes dead cells and calluses from the entire foot, within 1-2 weeks. Contains castor oil, leaf extracts, fruit extracts and herbal extracts. In this case, they are from the brand sense These are single-use socks. Its price is about 2.50 euros per unit.

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