Oil companies will cut 10-cent rebates on fuel, taking advantage of lower prices

Friday, March 31, ends the deadline set by major oil companies to offer discounts of 10 cents per liter of fuel after the global 20-cent cut from the government expires on December 31, 2022. Now, starting Saturday, each company will pursue a different strategy and with discounts Less, taking advantage of lower prices.

The average price of 95-octane petrol is 1.6 euros per liter, which is 10% cheaper than it was on April 1, 2022 (1.8 euros), when Pedro Sanchez began applying the 20-cent discount set by the CEO. In the case of diesel, the drop is even greater, at 14.5%, now averaging 1.55 euros per liter, and on that date it was 1.83 euros.

repsol, The main group in the sector announced, a few days ago, that, starting from the first of this April, it will replace the discounts for refueling at its service stations, with a new savings proposal for customers of its portfolio of multi-energy products, which includes both fuel, electricity and gas. Solar and electric mobility.

This innovative offering allows Repsol customers to have a single supplier covering all their energy needs. In addition, they can achieve savings in Waylet from 5 to 20 euro cents per liter of fuel permanently and 100% of the amount of electric charges at public points and service stations of the company, depending on the number of energy services. hired,” according to the group headed by Antonio Profao.

The discounts assumed by Repsol since March 16, 2022 have allowed its customers to enjoy Savings of nearly 500 million euros so far.

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Cepsa Discounts of 5 cents for regular fuel and 6 cents for Optimum Range will continue to apply through Easter to customers who pay with their loyalty cards, confirmed the company, which has not yet decided whether to hold after those dates some type of discount. .

Since April 2022, more than 12 million customers have benefited from the discounts offered by Cepsa, the total value of which has increased to 148 million euros.

BP It runs at 10 cents off through Sunday, April 2, as announced at the time. Then they will definitely apply other, smaller discounts.

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