Nudist dinner | Experience the Füde dinner, the chic nude dinner that arrives in Spain

Dine completely naked, surrounded by strangers and connect with yourself. This is the fashion show, the latest in gastronomic experiments, nude dinners born in Los Angeles and New York in New York (USA), which are about to land in Spain.

intimate eventsFüde dinner experience“, The creators of this direction caused a stir in the United States. At each of these meetings, the institution comes together 25 diners don’t know each other In an open space after a selection process that has one condition: be naked

An experience defined by the creators as: “An editing space celebrating our purest selves through vegan cooking, art, nudity, and self-love.”

The initiative was created by Charlie Ann Max, 29-year-old artist and model. Since its launch in April 2022 it has been a complete success and is now expected to arrive in Spain in the summer.

25 strangers, no clothes and a vegetarian menu

The event consists of a dinner Maximum of 25 people To maintain privacy, it lasts between four and five hours include Three courses of vegetarian food and drinkEdited by Charlie Ann herself. It’s a vegetarian menu, about 80 euros andInspired by a different theme each time.

A nude dinner designed to create a “holistic and transformative” experience for body, mind and spirit. “We recently recreated a meal based on self-love and the healing/medicinal properties of the rose, where an expert in herbal medicine and another collaborated on breathing exercises, so we combined all the recipes with rose petals,” the designer explained to Metropolitan Media.

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Before dinner, the organizers select the 25 people who will meet to ensure the cohesion of the group. It is a tasting experience consisting of people from different artistic regions offering their perspective to the guests with the aim of connecting with his innermost self. Before sitting down at the table, diners perform a small dance or movements that “awaken their senses”, to be continued later with a session of meditation (usually with breathing exercises), a conversation or some drawing or handwriting lessons from these specialists.

The meetings were held in the attic from its creator, in Los Angeles, or primarily in New York theaters. Currently the idea is to export this practice to the whole world, last summer they started in London and Berlin. According to Charlie Ann, an event is expected to be organized in Spain at the end of the summer of 2023. Information can be found on the social networks of The Füde Dinner Experience.

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