Nuccio Ordine passed away at the age of 64

philosopher Nuccio Ordineone of the most important European thinkers who received a prize a few weeks ago Princess of Asturias Prize for Communication and HumanitiesAnd He died this Saturday in a hospital in Cosenza (Italy)., where he was hospitalized for several days, after suffering from a severe headache. The news spread first on social media, where signs of mourning began to appear for the essayist, a professor at the University of Calabria, and in the early afternoon this was confirmed by the local media in the city of Calabria, which defines the Philosopher’s Sabbath. Brain death declared

Italian thinker, professor of Italian literature at the University of Calabria in Rende, His latest book was published in Spain earlier this year, Men Are Not Islands (Cliff)which concludes a course dedicated to classical culture, human knowledge and ultimately to the art of good living, which inaugurated in 2013 with the title “Useless Usefulness”, an essay that has earned the name of a bestseller with its translation into 24 languages ​​and after it was published in 33 countries.

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An article, as narrated by Ordín himself in his day to La Nueva España, from the Prensa Ibérica collection, defending that “today there is a concept that considers useful only that which generates money, but that many other things are needed to nourish the human spirit, such as music, literature or philosophy.” Do not generate an economic margin and contribute to building a more humane society.”

Ordine, who is perhaps the world’s most famous contemporary Italian essayistHe headed the International Center for Telesian, Brunian, and Campanellian Studies in Cosenza, and collaborated with the Italian Center for Italian Renaissance Studies at Harvard University.

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