Nuan: “Sharing a record company with Danny Martin or Leva is a dream”

Pop rock in Spanish, with a modern twist. This is how he defines it Nuan “kill me”His latest single he performed yesterday in Madrid. Collaboration with the Catalan singer Alex Wall Born from shared experience and it is guaranteed It will make the whole world jump“.” It’s about a situation where we were living a certain way and felt identified with that situation where being with someone kills you in the good sense of the expression, but at the same time it hurts you too. This is how the song came out on its own, ”says the artist.

Singular represents another step in Career is progressing by leaps and bounds. At 24 years old, Íñigo Samaniego, real name Nuan, can boast of entering the top of viral songs in Spain in 2021, exceeded one million copies in SpotifyAnd the The fact that this young man from Zaros did not seem dizzy. In my case it may seem like it was a quick thing because we have been working on this Noan project as a label for a year, but at the age of 13 I was already playing drums in a group and we won many competitions. Later I had another band in which I was a singer and we released ten songs And, therefore, it was a process of gaining listeners,” he asserts.

That Sonny knocking on his door was the culmination of climbing to the crest of a wave that he so passionately faces. “It was crazy. It’s weird because I read the contract at home and you know you’re going to sign, but when you get to the offices I introduce myself to all the people and I see I’m in the same house Leva s Daniel MartinPeople I’m so megafan, it’s a dream.”

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His name, associated with artists such as Zzoilo or Paula Koops, was a loathing of a track in which he crossed Raquel del Rosario, former vocalist of “El Sueño de Morfeo”, with whom he signed a version of “Nunca volvera”, a legendary song of the group. Collaboration, for me, is about more than just writing a song. It’s living an experience with another person, spending time with her, getting to know her, knowing her technical standards, the fantasies she has… In short, it adds to the song. In the case of “never come back & rdquor; it was a great experience because on top of that we took a trip to Gran Canaria. It was a very beautiful thing,” reveals Nuan, who, whatever happens in his career, is sure that he will continue to “make music” .

To crown this effort, nothing better than the presence of Juan Ioan from Gijón, who was the guitarist of “El Sueño de Morfeo” and now the singer-songwriter’s producer, a key piece that gives him “experience and impeccable taste. A perfect combination because, in addition to that we deal Very well “.

From the waves of Zarroz to the waves of Salinas, a passionate surfer He lived in Asturias in order to study and stayed for music. “I came to study psychology and I stayed because I started working with Juan Iwan. We started producing and composing songs for myself and other artists and eventually, Salinas is like my second home,” Noan admits.

Composing is a regular aspect of his career, a profound decision that artist is “the most beautiful thing.” I don’t understand composing music without composingAmong the names that have already interpreted his words, stand out Anchley, Ignacio Serrano, or some contestants of “Operation Triunfo”, such as Samantha or Hugo Cobo. However, the singer-songwriter is focused on his personal project, a name he hopes to contribute to the new landscape dominated by emerging talent, “What’s been lost, breaking that image of rock as something old and bringing freshness and current sounds reminiscent of the past,” he asserts. .

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On the horizon of Nuan it is possible to record an album “there will probably be the song” Me matas “and go on tour to present my project. We will visit 5 or 6 cities in Spain and certainly we will stop in Gijón, Oviedo or both”.

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