Noureddine Al-Atab | Grief over the death of Noureddine Al-Atab: “A terrible tragedy was life, kindness and a smile.”

The life of Noureddine Al-Atab was not easy, but during the 39 years of his life he had the time to fulfill all his dreams except for directing a movie, a project he immersed himself in and was interrupted by his death this Saturday in Castello after he fell from. His ship is at sea and he suffers from severe hypothermia from which he has been unable to recover. His friends and family are devastated. Marta, his wife, would accompany the body the actor upon his return to Morocco To be watched by the rest of his relatives after the Civil Guard performs an autopsy, because the case is under judicial review.

Noureddine El Atab was born in Morocco, but at an early age she packed her bags to emigrate and make a future in the world of acting. “He didn’t come to Spain to be able to eat, and he had a very clear purpose. I wanted theater and cinema. He started at the bottom, but worked his ass off until he got it.& rdquor ;, he recalls his close friend, Hamid Karim, with whom actors in series such as The Prince or The Unit also participated.

Hamid Karim, upset by the fatal news, arrived on Saturday at Castello “to be as close as possible to Noureddine. After learning of his death: “It is a terrible tragedy. He was 39 years old, but he looked like he was twenty. A colleague and friend of Nur al-Din defines him as follows: “life was. He was always with a smile. He’s the kind of person who walks into a bar and within an hour the whole world already knows him for his friendliness and kindness.”

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Self-taught teacher

The deceased actor, born in Morocco but residing in Castellón for 15 years, where he raised a family and had a son, was also marked “for His passion for teaching young people. The explanation for him was the way children should open up to the world and make their voices heard. He still had a child inside and that was why he understood them so well.” In fact, Noureddine was an acting teacher in quite a few schools and institutes in the province and he ran his own acting school, Alma Theatral.

El-Atab, who has participated in countless plays, films and series such as El Príncipe, La que se avecina or Cuéntame, was fluent in Arabic and his mother tongues, Spanish and French. He also had a love for music and emerged as a singer and violinist. As if that wasn’t enough, he also popped in the face like a clown and was “Much loved in the audiovisual world. Wherever he went, he left his friends” Hamid confirms.

Noureddine’s close friend spares no adjectives when it comes to being reminded: “He was an amazing guy, an amazing person, an actor’s rights activist and very involved in various social causes. Two weeks ago we were filming ‘Manu de Hierro’ with Edward Fernandez, so I still can’t believe he’s gone. I don’t take it& rdquo;.

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Noureddine arrived in Spain without papers like many other immigrants, but his good work on stage quickly brought him success: “I met him on the set of the series” El Principe “and I remember that on the first day he told me that he had a lot of experience in the theatre, But he wasn’t in front of the camera.I told him not to think of the camera as He nailed it from the very first scene. He was an excellent actor who was born for her. I’ve always wanted more. Now I wanted to direct a movie and I was on my way to doing it & rdquor;

The actor who passed away this weekend was “very integrated into Castellón & rdquor;. In fact, there are many messages of affection and support for their loved ones that came out of the province after the sad news.”People loved him so much because he loved people. If you knew him, it was impossible not to love him. He was so generous with his feelings and had so much love to give.” Rest in peace.

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