Nougat Donuts, the new viral dessert that will be sweeping this Christmas

As October arrives, department stores start preparing for their Christmas campaign. Every year consumers expect new developments regarding their products and this season the surprise has already arrived from the hand Torrons Vicens with the new nougat flavored donut.

Nougats are one of the star products every Christmas along Shortbread and Panettone. There are a variety of flavors and combinations, but we’ve been seeing an increase in flavors in recent years Merger of several major brands To create the sweet star of the Christmas season.

Social networks are fertile ground for A product that conquers the market, brands know it. TikTok is winning among young people, which makes many products sold in supermarkets become widespread.

The new nougat flavored donut Vicens

Twitter has revolutionized the images of this new product. There are many consumers who I can’t wait to try this new fusion. Vicens de Donuts nougat promises to be the great novelty of the season and many have already declared that they can’t wait until Christmas weeks to try it out.

“I desperately need to try it” or “I can’t wait to try it” were the most reproduced messages on Twitter. The truth is Many details are unknown From this novelty behind the photos on social networks. There is still not much news about where to buy a nougat donut, Although it is not surprising that suppliers of large surfaces are willing to acquire it. Some details indicate that it can be purchased at Aldi, Carrefour or Aerosky Among other supermarkets.

New mergers, new services

Some major brands are integrating their flagship products to produce new foods that have taken social media by storm. Croapán has been added to the new Donuts nougat by Bimbo or other nougats from previous campaigns such as those in Sokard and Oreos. Mercadona is always a benchmark in the novelty of nougat every year. For now, this year has already prepared a surprise with kikos nougat.

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