Notice from the DGT: From today it became necessary to carry this in the car

The General Traffic Department implemented a series of: the changes Regarding the current regulations Improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, we closed out a somewhat disastrous 2022, with approx 5% more deaths on highways, totaling 1,145, 4% more than in 2021.

The aim of the new reform of the traffic law is Reducing the number of deaths and injuries On the roads of our country in a 50% less. Not only does a few steering wheel offenses incur an economic penalty, but it also subtracts points.

Belt and mobile phone

offense to Mobile phone use will increase From 3 to 6 points, understand how to use the phone, hold it in your hand while driving. increase the offense From 3 to 4 points Incorrect use of security measures, eg belthe Helmet or the Child restraint systems. These violations are exacerbated by the number of accidents that occur while handling a mobile phone and the number of injuries resulting from the incorrect use of protection systems. Throw on the road or in its vicinity Things that can cause fires or entail accidents Loss of 6 points.

Radar detectors, cyclists and electric scooters

As of 2023 it will be a Serious offense using radar detection mechanisms He will be punished with a fine 500 euros and a loss of 3 points From the card, only radar warning devices are allowed. The penalty for driving vehicles with radar retarders installed does not change, which is considered a very serious offense and is punishable by a withdrawal of 6 points and a fine of €6,000. It is one of the most expensive penalties in the traffic law. Penalty increases for loss 6 indicates the Improper overtaking of cyclistsIf the road has more than one lane, the entire lane must be changed to overtake. Drivers of personal mobility (electric scooters), in addition to not being able to drive on sidewalks, driving between 6 and 25 kilometers per hour, starting from the new year, if they are minors, The blood alcohol level will be 0.0. Scooter drivers must wear a helmet and the penalty can be up to €200 and vehicle immobilization.

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Basic documents

When it’s time to get into our car and move on, you must necessarily carry these three documents with you, your driver’s license, trading permit and ITV card. to me Driving License It will no longer be mandatory to show it physically, but it can also be done physically. digital, through the miDGT app. Carrying these three documents, original or certified, is essential when you are driving, as they will be the first thing the dealership will ask you if you stop or are involved in an accident. Remember that Since 2008, it is not necessary to carry an insurance policy or take the last payment in the car.


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After the high number of accidents in traditional methodsmotorists and motorcyclists already The maximum speed may not be exceeded by 20 kilometers per hour. Overtaking other vehicles is allowed. A measure that seeks to reduce the risk of overtaking and thus reduce the rate of accidents on traditional roads. stop or park in Bike LanePreventing the passage of its users, a serious crime. In the city, on roads with only one lane in each direction, the maximum speed will be reduced to 30 kilometers per hour, and on roads with two or more lanes it will continue to be allowed to reach 50 kilometers per hour.

It is important that drivers comply with the new legislation and thus be able to avoid accidents on the roads and reduce the number of fatalities, and these goals are defined in the general strategic objectives of the Vision 2030 for road safety. Some of the goals that are not being achieved at the moment, because the percentages in the past year have only increased.


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