“Notch Outside”: Bellocchio re-explores the kidnapping of Aldo Moro in serial format

Even the great European authors do not lose sight of the eternal return to the earlier material in which the audiovisual industry is immersed. night out (two films), Giant’s first series Marco BellocchioYou have some Reboot and sequel legacy From Good morning, eveningHis 2003 film is about the kidnapping and murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro by commandos from the Red Brigades. It was the morning of March 16, 1978, the day chosen to install the fourth government of Christian Democrat Giulio Andreotti, this time with the support of the Italian Communist Party.

Next Bellocchio shows us the view of the kidnapper, Chiara (Maya Sansa), loosely inspired by Ana Laura Braghetti, the repentant terrorist who hosted City prison Where he spent more than fifty-five days. In this new expanded version, I wanted to include other voices, other points of view, barely heard in the movie. And you have time to think about it deeply. Hence, he chose to make a series, though not without hesitation in naming the product after himself: It is divided into episodes, but it is one movie.he said in an interview with Sinoruba.

Dilemmas and questions

Good morning, evening It was a disturbingly complex movie that prioritized kidnappers and not so much families. out the night homage to the latter in the first episode which, like the following four, He equally seeks historical truth and the freest immersion in the intimate and inner life of each photographer. We see Moreau succeeding in the political realm, persuading his more reluctant colleagues to form an alliance with the Communists, but we also see him wading through the world of couples with difficulty.

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His political, family, or friendship connections later introduced figures with a chapter of their own, such as Francesco Cossiga (Fausto Russo Alessi), who was Home Secretary for 1978; Pope Paul VI (Tony Cervelo), worried about whether the coalition was working to pass the famous Law 194, which opened the doors to abortion in Italy, or Aldo’s wife, Eleonora (Buy a margarita) eternal drowning in gloom for one reason or another. The characters face impossible dilemmas and questions: Cossiga strives to save Moro amid calls from various fronts to protect the country’s integrity; Paul VI struggles to keep “responsibility and mercy” together.

When it comes time to give the terrorists a point of view, Bellocchio chooses to follow Valerio Morucci (Gabriel Montesi) and Adriana Varanda (Daniela Mara), who played an important role during the kidnapping. Adriana, she has already been filmed in the cinema before Frankenheimer in The year of arms, against the execution of the hostage. How Good morning, eveningthe brigadistas episode ends with a dream sequence, but here it is less luminous and less liberated in the style of the ending Once upon a time in & mldr; Hollywood.

Two party breakdown

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With this choral and polyhedral story, Bellocchio seems to want to give arms to his countrymen to properly discuss what happened next and whether Moreau could or should have been spared. Apparently, it was possible: the pope wanted to collect money for a ransom, he recalls the series. Adherence to the firmness of the state has hastened, as Bellocchio pointed out in diverse“,”A crisis that led to the collapse of the two main parties in Italy: Communists and Christian Democrats”. The way was open for the emergence of new forces, such as Forza Italiana led by Berlusconi.

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Approximately six hours night out It is by no means a dry history lesson, but rather an expansive, free dramatization that is not devoid of humour. Bellocchio knows how to find lightness in any aspect of being; Even suicide in Jump into the void. Here he downplays the gravity of the human, political, religious and familial plight with absurd details, such as the role of alleged mediators in the investigation of the kidnapping or Andreotti’s resistance (Fabrizio Country) by eating ice cream until Moro is free. Shadows and lights in rich dialogue.

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