North Korea launches cruise missiles after the arrival of a US nuclear submarine

north korea Shot this Saturday Various cruise missiles. In the Yellow Sea, located between China and the Korean Peninsula, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said.

“Intelligence authorities in South Korea and the United States are analyzing the shots,” which were to have occurred around 04:00 local time (19:00 GMT on Friday), AFP quoted from the military hierarchy.

The launch comes at one of the worst times in inter-Korean relations. On Tuesday, Pyongyang fired two ballistic missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan, off the peninsula’s east coast.

Diplomacy between Pyongyang and Seoul has long stalled, and the leader of the communist regime, Kim Jong-un, has called for accelerating the development of his arsenal, including nuclear weapons.

In response, the United States and South Korea doubled down on their joint military exercises that sometimes included the deployment of strategic assets of American power.

This week arrived in the South Korean port of Busan a American nuclear submarinethe first outbreak on the peninsula since 1981.

North Korean Defense Minister Kang Soon-Nam said, “The deployment of strategic nuclear submarines and other strategic assets can fall within the terms of use of nuclear weapons specified in the (North Korea’s) Nuclear Force Policy Law.”

Relations on the peninsula have also been strained by the incident in which a US soldier suspected of being held in Pyongyang crossed the guarded border between the two Koreas.

A senior US military official said Thursday that he is “very concerned” about the treatment of Private Travis King and that Pyongyang has yet to respond to his requests for information about his status.

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King was due to return to the United States to appear before a military court after being imprisoned in South Korea on assault charges.

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