North Korea acknowledges the launch of a solid-fuel intercontinental missile

North Korea said on Thursday it had successfully tested it Its new intercontinental ballistic missileHwasong-18, is supposed to be solid fuel, according to the country’s official media, which a few days ago threatened to shoot down American spy planes.

In photos provided by state media, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appears in a white jacket and is surrounded by his wife and advisers, Clap your hands enthusiastically After the launch of the Hwasong-18 missile.

The projectile, which was tested only once in April, He covered 1001 kilometers And the Korean Central News Agency stated that its maximum height was 6,648 kilometers before it fell into the Sea of ​​Japan.

Experts said the flight time, which is about 70 minutes, is similar to the fires of other intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) fired by North Korea. was all or“Big Bang” shook “the entire planet”KCNA said.

The agency also claimed that Kim promised “a series of powerful military attacks” Until the United States and South Korea change their policies towards this hermetic communist country.

Regarding the “unstable situation” on the Korean Peninsula, Kim called for this “Extensive efforts” to build up the nuclear arsenal From Pyongyang.

International reactions

The launch, which Seoul spotted on Wednesday, is happening at At a time when relations between the two Koreas were tensewhich paralyzed all diplomatic contacts.

North Korea has increased its weapons testing and its leader has asked to boost its arsenal The South and the United States are increasing their military maneuvers in the region and promised to end power in Pyongyang if it resorted to its atomic weapons.

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The shot is orSerious provocation The military leadership in Seoul said the order harms peace and security on the Korean peninsula “and violates UN sanctions against Pyongyang.

A spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, confirmed the organization as well “Very worried” for the launch, which was also condemned by the United States and its allies.

This version flagrant violation of multiple resolutions “The UN Security Council unnecessarily raises tensions and threatens to destabilize the security situation in the region,” said Adam Hodge, a spokesman for the US National Security Council, in a statement.

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