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The premise is so exciting that you can’t keep searching: “How to make 100€ a day with ChatGPT”. Edge comes from Youtube Who has his channel full of videos on how to “achieve financial freedom”. Recently, generative artificial intelligence (AI) has been added to cryptocurrency investment tips, creating an online business without spending a single euro or making money without leaving the couch at home, technology is on everyone’s lips. “I’m going to show you four ways to dramatically increase our income with ChatGPT,” he says YoutubeWho gathers more than half a million followers on his channel. What follows is a series of seemingly simple strategies for making money without having to work hard, as it is the AI ​​software that will do all the work for you.

The titles of these videos that have been doubling on YouTube and TikTok in recent weeks are all from the same style: How to make money with ChatGPT starting from zero euros; How to become a millionaire according to ChatGPT; We earned €27,000 in 10 days thanks to ChatGPT, lists of three, four, five or more ways to make money with this AI program. The same content makers who yesterday gave advice on how to invest in bitcoin, today have jumped on the wave of artificial intelligence, a technology that has monopolized the attention of the international scientific community because of the seemingly endless possibilities and risks involved in rapid progress. However, when it comes to providing investment advice, ChatGPT knows its limitations. To questions about how and where to invest a certain amount of money, the program responds in a generic manner, offering advice for savings accounts or government bonds (that is, safe investments) or claiming that it is unable to carry out financial transactions or give advice in real time. So how to earn 100€ per day with ChatGPT?

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“You can’t,” answers Juan Ignacio Crespo, financier and economic analyst. The expert, who has worked a lot on this tool to test its capabilities, explains that the more precise the questions, the more accurate the answers ChatGPT will be: “He can’t recommend a good investment in the stock market. It doesn’t mean that if you give him some criteria, he can give you Values ​​that can somehow guide you in. But the idea that you can make money without effort is unrealistic, especially since if someone really found a way to get rich using ChatGPT, they wouldn’t share it with everyone.

This does not mean that AI cannot be a useful tool in the daily lives of some professionals, including small entrepreneurs who are just starting a business. “Effective language models can provide information and guidance, in addition to creating business plans, market research, and marketing strategies,” acknowledges Frank Schwartz, of MainFirst. However, the expert adds that “having a great idea in itself does not guarantee a thriving business,” since human participation is still a prerequisite for turning potential business ideas, arising from ChatGPT, for example, into concrete realities.

Experts consulted agree that the income from these influencers It is not derived from the strategies they promote, but from the opinions they get in their how-to videos. Oftentimes, they redirect the audience to websites and programs with payment forms, for which they get a small compensation. “Someone with well-maintained networks who are starting to gain a bad reputation will be able to take advantage of some of these tips to make their way of working more efficient. But the reality for the rest of the users is that many of the offers will not help them get the benefits as promised,” he explains. Banco Sabadell spokesperson.

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Self-publish a book in five minutes

In addition to unprofitable investment tips, there is another scheme that is repeated in most viral videos on how to make money with artificial intelligence. Instead of creating a business from scratch, such content creators advise using freelance platforms and letting ChatGPT do all the work for them: translate text, record a video, write ad copy or create a paid newsletter. All without having to contribute anything in the first person.

One of the most mentioned pages is Studypool, where students ask for help with their homework. In this case, the way to make money is to sign up as tutors and answer student requests, or offer articles for sale. Instead, let the AI ​​write the responses and documentation, despite the fact that the platform explicitly prohibits the use of ChatGPT.

One of the most mentioned ways is to offer books for sale on Amazon KDP, the US tech giant’s self-publishing digital platform. Also in this case, the YouTubers They ask ChatGPT to write the book from scratch – a much more complex task than their videos would lead you to believe, as the software tends to generate very short scripts, even when a word or chapter number is explicitly requested -. With the help of other AI programs, such as Dall-E or Midjourney, photos and book cover will be created. Then, the author has to wait for someone to decide to compare and bill.

Benjamin Martinez, a 21-year-old business engineering student, has been waiting for a week for the proceeds from the sale of his ChatGPT-generated book to reach his bank account. After watching dozens of such content on YouTube and TikTok, he decided to put some of his most popular strategies to the test and see how much he was able to earn in the first seven days. “From the first moment it seemed to me that it was impossible to earn such money. And that the real goal of these people is to get visits to their channels, this is how they should earn, ”he explains by phone.

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So, his surprise was nothing when, a week later, he checked his Studypool and Amazon KDP virtual wallets and discovered that he had not received a single dollar. “Not only have I not sold anything. No one has found my book or my articles. These pages are so saturated that it is almost impossible for someone to access your products,” he adds. To close the circle, his experiment was videotaped. Since it was posted, a couple of months ago, he’s been back about once a week to check his account status to see if the time has proved right Finfluencers: still at zero.

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