No truce, no quarter

The exchange of shelling continues while disinformation as a weapon of war has its respect. On New Year’s Eve, a school in Makevka (Donetsk), which was being used as a warehouse and powder store by Russian forces, was bombed (by Himars) by Ukrainian artillery, causing dozens of Russian deaths (400 according to Ukrainian sources and 63 according to Russian sources). Aside from being responsible for such an inappropriate focus, such disparity in results in formal communications is yet another example of misinformation. Those in Kyiv insist on the great effectiveness of their anti-aircraft defences, even providing details of the number of demolitions equal to the number of devices (drones, planes, missiles) launched by the Russians. But, at the same time, the same sources acknowledge the severe punishment suffered by energy, electricity, hot water and heating networks.

The Russian side celebrated the New Year with increased bombing of infrastructure across Ukraine, with particular intensity in the Kyiv and Lviv regions. The letter, implicitly included in the attack on the Ukrainian capital, urges it to put down its flexible stance and accept the loss of territory occupied by Russian forces. With Lviv bombing (near the Polish border and the area of ​​reception, storage and distribution of Western aid to Ukraine), Moscow’s message is a reminder to NATO and the EU of the Kremlin’s ability to extend its offensive arm beyond Ukraine, thus attempting to damage internal cohesion and mutual trust within both organizations.

The trend towards a greater role for Russian air operations is growing. Maybe Drone mixWhether armed or suicidal, with tactical and even “strategic” aviation (eg Tupolev, 95MS, 160 and 22M models) with multi-purpose capabilities (conventional, nuclear and cruise missiles). Similarly, the procedure for using swarms of drones Diversion and saturation of Ukrainian anti-aircraft defences To launch high-precision, even hypersonic, missiles immediately afterwards, against increasingly important targets like drone factories. This winter, the war continues without a truce or a quarter.

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