“No Serious Relationships Until 30”

President of the United States, Joe BidenThis weekend, he starred in an awkward moment with a girl who attended one of his works and was about to take a picture with him.

It happened during an event in Irvine, California, where the president talked about his plans to bring down inflation. At the end of the speech, many of those present came to say hello and take a souvenir in the form of a photo.

At that moment, one of the teens whom Biden had counseled on their future romantic relationships called him: “I always tell my daughters and granddaughters this: No serious relationships until 30He said it in front of the girl’s strangeness.

A moment that gave a lot to talk about on social networks and which led to obvious annoyance for the girl, who said to the president shyly, “Okay, I’ll take that into account.”

The original video, taken by American journalist Calin D’Almeida, comes close to Three million views At the time of writing this news.

Biden is a very familiar man, with four children and seven grandchildren, and it is common to see him surrounded by loved ones behaving like a grandfather. however, This attitude is always criticized with strangers To much of the public in his country, who nicknamed him “Creepy Joe” (something like “Villain”), as happened with the confrontation with the girl in this story.

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