No, no, no … Summer is not blue, but multicolored: Mad Cool makes a flag for diversity

no, Summer is not blue. It’s impossible to be in a country that loves the whites of hammocks, the yellows of lemonade, and the purples of sunsets. Think beer and gilda in the middle of the day. Or in fresh watermelon slices. How boring it is to reduce everything to one color when variety is exactly the fun. To savor life, you must dare to discover it. Otherwise, we risk losing a good chain of pleasures to the silly foolishness. last night, he Mad Cool Its sixth edition began with the multiplicity of knowledge. There were men in skirts and women without a bra. Race mixes as quickly as certain languages. And mascaras alternated between young and old. All in the sacrament of the Eucharist. It was enough to witness a performance Robbie Williams To realize this: Take the previous posted a A rainbow of energy, light and talk so big that no one is left out. So no, no matter how some insist: summer is not blue, but multicolored.

Red of course. Like the blush Williams brought to another clueless person. Naughty and sweet, he addressed the audience on numerous occasions in search of confidence that broke the ice in a matter of seconds. with hey wow yeah yeah The crack persisted, however Let me entertain you You start behaving in a socially unacceptable way so, The pulsating pop bacchanalia party started with the beats: monsoonAnd strongAnd FeelAnd childrenAnd candies… He sought to be unrestrained, and to do so, he did not hesitate to tell jokes, stir his pelvis, tell jokes, and above all, laugh at himself. In fact, dressed in gold sequins and a white sash, he remembers that when he was young he didn’t want to marry or have children… A promise that, all of a sudden, he broke 13 years ago. With complete control over Speed And from the stage, again show him Exploits like Showman. Even in those moments when he becomes goofy to explain the very predictable no regret And Angels. There was glamour, but also nostalgia. At the right dose, eh? Drama is not going with him.

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Nor with Lizzo, who earlier turned the room into an impromptu bonfire. Around her, crowds danced, ready to make orange their mascot. They lit the fire with songs that made the singer-songwriter an icon in a decade gayAnd arty And fashion. They are partly to blame soul mateAnd children And Everyone is like meThree urban bombs with disco sprinklers. In the latter, the Detroit rapper contemplates what it means to go out to a racy club and dance the night away in a safe place. Thus, a large portion of its capacity is made up of members of the LGTBIQ+ collective. Many of them with their arms raised simulate a heart with their hands. There were tears, perhaps because of the support they’ve been giving him since his debut in 2013. And that, lately, has been most comforting in the midst of a political campaign against his conquests. Acidic and sinister, I reached out to Mad Cool who opened his place in Villaverde as soon as Valdebebas was left behind.

From there they had to go to Complaints from neighbors and mobility problems caused by their organisation. Two flaws, on this first day, seemed to be addressed in a good way despite the crowd. The space, which measures 185,000 square metres, is not intended to house the eight Phase from this quote. During this season, the so-called New Madrid Festival Venue will host other initiatives such as the Harry Styles concert. Transforming pure concrete into a luminous oasis. In short, the ideal habitat for a Lil Nas X is pompous, dynamic and untainted. Something artificial, that’s right. But she is vindictive. with Montero (Call me by your name), really made it clear where the shots were headed: gay fantasy with muscular bodies, shiny suits, and erotic looks. There were no musicians on stage (beware, controversy!), who focused attention on the visual: he entered through the eyes of the audience who, with Old City Road And scoopleaving the eyebrows between the yellow flashes.

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the air is “offbeat”

Really, summer is not blue. In Madrid, for example, we have neither open sea nor clear skies. But yes, the occasional green lung protects us from the heat. Well, when they don’t close it. On this occasion, there were a few trees around. but, Icelandic cold brought by Sigur Rós I felt great. Accompanied by a thick, soulful haze, the band, led by Jonesy, slowed down to enjoy the melancholy. His voice sounded so clear that, defined by the bow he strummed on his guitar, the stories he enjoyed seemed to take shape. There was an intimacy, in instrumental moments, Even the crowd’s gasps were intuitive. It’s strange how leather, at 30 degrees, can sway at the stroke of silence. So much so that it was not necessary to understand the words to fantasize about the waterfalls, the peaks, and the routes that inspire them. On this side of Mad Cool, Goggi’s bass and Kjarri’s keyboard raised a heavenly disco where there wasn’t much euphoria, but there was the kind of tense calm that only those who pinch your heart know.

Participate in the interview bruise Princess King And Web meme. The first one was baptized Christ is a lesbian Because of his revenge ideology. Since he first appeared with 1950 He already made it clear that it was pop gay Yankee branch. His words illuminate a young man who, for the first time, enjoys love with all its references: when he played cursed And Too badThere were those who were driven by passion. Perhaps, the feeling that someone finally really understood them. This is where the importance of using languages ​​that you welcome everyone. Nuance, likewise, the second is a lot about it. This past March, he released his debut album, A.I Focused pop music with honest and sporty undertones Reminds us of the person who slandered Aetana in Spain. In it, he recounts his latest romances in search of an understanding that he seems to have found greatly in his listeners. As a guide, Reflex When Rescue your ghost And red flags.

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No, summer is not blue. There are fuchsias and browns that bring a scent of lavender and a taste of coconut. Ringtones have the power to transport us back to childhood in a vile emotional game. That’s what happened with offspring: Although it will be launched in 2021 Let the bad times roll (obsession?), What the public wanted to hear were those awards punk which dedicated them in the 90s. Get out and playAnd all what I want And I want you so muchNot only are old memories haunted. The illusion of Slim has also re-emerged, for many, being trapped in this decade. Hence, upon recovery, It took on an almost narcotic effect right away. The passage of time has not diminished their authority. In fact, they barely slowed down in the 60 minutes of the built party He hits: l Pretty Fly (for a white man) to Children are not well. Something the seniors present enthusiastically welcomed. They hardly spoke … Sometimes the past is so intoxicating that there is no need for words.

Show yourself to be more intimate Paolo Nutini. The Scottish singer-songwriter had the advantage of taking us to another dimension with him Songs of Eternal Purpose. Halfway between soul, folk and blues, unleash a wave of emotions in a raging, half-quiet crowd. Surrounded by six musicians, he delivered The Roughness and the Seduction. A different vision reached its supremacy with tasty Highlight. Similar to what they found Nova Twins with unbridled Cleopatra. The London duo stomped the charts with smash determination, mixing funk, nu metal, and r’n’b with subtle wit. They fired cannonballs one after another.. non stop. Georgia and Amy like to be direct & mldr; Although it gets harsh sometimes. They braved a chicken coop that ended up exhausted and thirsty. But, anyway, with the feeling of dancing without strings attached. Here, life was celebrated. in its thousand aspects. So no, summer is not blue. Fortunately, it is multicolored.

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