Neymar leave PSG because of Mbappe’s new contract

The rumour mill is suggesting that the most expensive player ever has been put on the transfer list, as Paris Saint-Germain are ready to sell Neymar if a convincing offer arrives.

The former Barcelona player’s contract runs until 2025, but the new PSG project, led by Kylian Mbappe, might not have space for Neymar, who could be shown the door if a decent offer comes in.

“His status has been compromised by his recurring injuries and his questionable lifestyle,” L’Equipe reported.

“Neymar’s decline in sporting terms has not escaped the eyes of many people at the club, least of all those of Kylian Mbappe.”

Is Neymar actually going to leave PSG?

Neymar, however, has clearly stated his intentions of continuing in Paris.

“No one has told me anything, I want to stay at PSG,” Neymar said in a video by Oh My Goal.

Neymar’s entourage also dismissed rumours of the club wanting to sell the 30-year-old.

“No one contacted us to tell us that Neymar was on the market, last year they pressured us to renew and we renewed,” they revealed.

Therefore, finding an exit for Neymar won’t be easy and it has also been pointed out in the French media that the top clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Bayern Munich aren’t interested, while he is too young to go to the MLS.

However, there is one club that would embrace Neymar’s arrival: Barcelona.


“Who doesn’t like Neymar? He is an exceptional player,” Barcelona president Joan Laporta stated in a recent interview with L’Esportiu.

While it still seems more likely that Neymar will remain at PSG than not, this could be a saga to keep an eye on.

A new era is beginning at the Parisian club and it’s not clear if the Brazilian forward will be a part of it.

Kylian Mbappe’s renewal with PSG began almost after the French club rejected the last offer from Real Madrid last summer.

Since the player’s mother, Fayza Lamari, said last October that a new scenario was opening up, the moves from Paris and Madrid to find a new deal began.

These are the most important facts in all this time that have ended with the player signing for PSG until 2025.


PSG vs Real Madrid Champions League clash cools things down

The meeting between the two teams, as is already known, left them both in a waiting game.

Mbappe conveyed to the two managers, although some did not believe him, that he did not want to know anything and that he would not sign anything until after the games.

After the end of the tie, the situation had not changed. Although it was assumed that PSG’s elimination made the player come out of his doubts, this did not influence him in the slightest.

What’s more, PSG felt that their star player’s demands to change parts of the project were not misguided, and Nasser Al Khelaifi got down to work.

Mother’s trip to Qatar, the first signal

Lamari travels to Doha at the end of April. It is Al Khelaifi who is the mastermind behind everything, he convinces the mother to come to Qatar to explain the project he has designed for her son.

In the offices of the Parc des Princes, there is a phrase that circulates a lot these days. “We knew that the boss was persevering, but this has been an incredible blow. It’s not the sheikh, he’s behind all this,” commented the offices, who until Friday afternoon did not know if Mbappe was staying or leaving because the president has handled everything with absolute discretion.

Le Parisien goes even further and puts forward some figures already in May that are starting to add up now: 50 million euros net per season in a three-year contract. Negotiations have been conducted with Al Khelaifi and other Qatari heavyweights.

Mbappe’s call to Florentino Perez on Wednesday night

Sources around the player claim that not only was there a message from Mbappe to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, but there was also a phone call.

Becomes clear in France and Spain that he is staying at PSG

Last Friday morning, almost all reports began to take for granted the agreement with PSG.

People trusted by Mbappe, who were convinced until last week that the player would go to Madrid because it was his wish, admit that the footballer is already thinking about it.

On Friday night, Mbappe paid a surprise visit to the Parc des Princes. Although he wanted to go unnoticed, his visit to the stadium was revealed and this confirmed all the suspicions and made it more difficult to keep it a secret until the next day to announce it before the match against Metz.

The player had already come to record the video that would be posted on the club’s website when the renewal agreement was made official.

There was talk that he would announce it after the game or on Sunday on Telefoot, but they don’t want to cause issues and agreed with the club that it will be done before the game against Metz on Saturday and shortly after it will be announced minutes later on the official channel.

No image rights and no Ballon d’Or bonus :,liverpool-will-have-an-open-top-bus-parade-the-champions-league-final/6

Mbappe only became aware of the figures in the deal last Friday. PSG want to keep the image rights because they consider it vital to continue growing as an institution.

Real Madrid gave 100 percent of these rights to the player and gave him 30m euros net, and to compensate PSG have to raise his salary.

Not forgetting that the contract includes a 130m euros signing bonus over five years, the same that Madrid offered him, so his salary will be over 40m euros.

It is estimated that the image rights at Madrid will bring him another 60 to 70m euros. Mbappe has no Ballon d’Or bonus and no release clause because they are banned in France.

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