New rules for electric scooters

the DGT Suggests new driving measures Safe electric bikes the Cities are turning around the clock to adjust to A new form of mobility that is sustainable. Although the car and motorcycle are still Two main alternatives For the user who followed him at a distance by public transportation, in recent years he had stormed out with extraordinary force Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP) Like bicycles and, above all, electric scooters. A massive separation surprised citizens and institutions who They are trying to adapt Their way of life and structure to enjoy their many advantages, and solve the disadvantages of their sudden appearance.

New DGT rules

Perry Navarro, head of the General Directorate of Traffic, also announced that a study by the Mapfre Foundation revealed negative results. From DGT itself, they have Announce a series of proposals to help To contain this type of irregularities and the ability to control these cases Danger with this new mode of transportation It does not contain any rules. Positives that you visualize DGT with users Low mobility vehicles are:

  • Users must wear a helmet

  • Get an insurance policy

  • The user must comply 16 years to drive a scooter

traffic, however, It will not take any step without first reaching an agreement with the municipalitiesthe ultimate guarantors in urban roads respect Traffic regulation.

Death cases

in 2021 13 deaths were recorded In road accidents with a An electric scooter is involved. in 2022 through September Five more people died Both pedestrians and users for personal mobility vehicle.

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the cars and buses They conflict with VMPs and these sometimes cycle through sidewalks and pedestrians. Lack of habit in the streets organizational confusion A sense of impunity appears to be the three main causes of chaos on some streets.

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The helmet is already installed

Also, the last Traffic law reformeffective since March 21, 2022, obliges Let them wear a helmet under the conditions specified by law. This is what is missing: the rule that strictly regulates obligations in this regard.

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