New pro-Ukrainian submarine ship operating in the Black Sea

Russia You invaded part of Ukrainebombed its infrastructure and carried out landing operations in different areas from the state. War is already a reality. But the final size and results to the country and the rest of the world It is written in every moment. Uncertainty is high. Russian forces are advancing at different points from Ukraine. Ukrainian forces could hardly resist. however, The Ukrainians have a new weapon To attack Vladimir Putin’s military machine. pot already done Presented at the international exhibition Defense Station IDEX-2023 in Abu Dhabi. A type of stealth underwater combat fighter inspired by the “Manta Ray”.


the The ship operates with the pilot and co-pilot It can also be controlled remotely. It is armed with six torpedoes and is “fluid dynamic”, as its manufacturer put it, more agile, faster and stealthy.

This new ship was called “Kronos”. Underwater combat fighter. This new fighter sinks boats and reveals the existence of enemy submarines. It is also equipped with six Black Scorpion torpedoes, which have the following characteristics:

  • 1.10 meters long

  • Its diameter is 127 mm

  • 20 kilograms of weight

  • A radius of three kilometers to operate

“Kronos” is covered in composite material specially designed for It absorbs sonar signals and acts as a thermal insulator.

The Car

It consists of 9 meters long, 7.4 by 2.2 wide. Hybrid engine with an autonomy capacity of 54 hours in hybrid mode, 36 hours in battery mode, and 18 hours in diesel mode.

Its maximum speed is 50 km / h at depth 100 metres, with a maximum depth of 250 metres. The creators assure that they can reach 80 km / h on the surface.

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What makes it different from the ones that already exist

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Its size and these characteristics make it a The ship is too slippery to intercept. Its independence does not reach The level of large conventional submarinesHowever, the Kronos can be easily deployed by other ships thanks to its foldable wings.

For now, after offer so far Unknown and unknown When can I start working? Black Sea by Ukrainian forces. What is known is that It will be sooner or later And the Russian Navy will have reason to fear leaving its base in Sevastopol in Crimea.

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