new invention | You need a Lidl dryer rack to always have your clothes ready

inventions Lidl They never cease to amaze them. The supermarket chain was famous for including in its extensive catalog a lot of household appliances and utensils, unimaginable for many, which became They make our lives so much easier and more bearable.

The supermarket is known for its success with small appliances such as its famous food processor or the already successful machine for making tortillas to perfection, but with its new launch, it has taken Surprise to his clients.

German series launched Hanger used as a clothes and shoe dryer Thanks to the hot or cold air ducts. This barn has been such a hit, it even sold out online before it came out. for sale in physical stores, who arrived on January 13th.

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He is 2 in 1 dryer hanger It has a power of 1160 watts and to use it we will only have to plug it in and select the drying mode we are looking for, hot or cold. As Lidl states on its website, “It can be used as an electric shoe rack and as a clothes dryer.

It also comes with many accessories. One for clothes and one for shoes, four clips for different clothes, a pouch for clothes and a tool storage bag contains At the price of 14.99 euros.

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