New gas price change: relief for drivers

This Thursday European Union Oil Bulletin And it published a new drop in the price of gasoline, which has been declining for five consecutive weeks, so the price per liter of fuel currently 1.59 euros. It should be noted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused Archaeology negative all over the world in energy marketswhich led to a rise in fuel prices to levels not seen in decades.

the diesel Experienced Eighth weekly decline follows, so its current price is 1.66 euros per liter, it has not been so cheap since February 14th. the gasoline He has also recorded a minimum In 2022, the fuel will again be the same previous prices of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

So fill in a file Deposit The average capacity (55 liters) is currently costing 76.45 euroswhen in mid-June peaks up 106.70 euros. In the case of diesel, the decline took longer since the weight Russia has in diesel production Europe greater than gasoline. filling in Deposit 55 liters of diesel oil cost now 91.3 euros17% less than in mid-June.

the reasons

The drop in fuel prices is a big consequence prices drop Who has experience with oil. european crude oil standard, barrel “Brent”which arrived in March to $129 While its price this Thursday was $83.

One of the keys to explaining the decline in prices is negative economic outlook which some are waiting for for the coming months the fall On the global demand.

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Given the leverage, the government has already begun to consider the possibility Limit This aid is for specific sectors such as Public transport As of January 1st. However, these discounts will only be valid December 31st.

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according to the data CorporalIn 2022, the government invested a total of 4531 million euros in fuel aid. It was spent on sectoral aid 4122 million And in tax cuts for light and gas used 4051 million

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