New fashion in Premier: exclusive set piece trainer

Thea Premier League He is advanced in many things. English clubs have taken a step forward and are working details accurately. In the technical bodies of a significant part of the Premier teams, a new component has recently appeared. The exclusive trainer for the fixed piece. Every time the technical bodies are wider And for the first coach, the second coach, the physical coach, the analysts and the goalkeeper coach, we must add a new item.

This function has always existed in important teams, but was usually performed by the second coach or head coach. In Spain, it is common to see the second man in command come out into the technical area when there is a corner to defend or a side free kick to tackle. However, in England, they decided to give the order to a specialized coach, thus giving additional time to the first and second coaches to analyze, prepare and make decisions in each match.

In Prime, they’ve taken it one step further, a technician dedicated exclusively to stationary pieces. Offensive and defensive corner kicks, side fouls, forehand fouls, throw-in and even penalty kicks. Everything is the responsibility of the technician, which already has eleven top-level teams in England and whose number will be extended to the rest of the leagues soon. In Premier, the set piece is key and many teams can be said to “live” on it.

Aston Villa example

This weekend in the match between Aston Villa and Manchester United, a photo of the Birmingham goalkeeper, Dipo Martinez (International with Argentina) mode “against the barrier” To mislead De Gea in a forward foul in favor of the bad guys. He succeeded and Digne scored from a free kick. I was ready before Austin McPhee, The Aston Villa coach who was already there before Emery arrived and who was kept by the Basque coach in his coaching staff.

Scotsman who He also works with the national team and directs the Hertz, It even has a helper parser so nothing is random. The entire defensive and offensive game has been worked out from set pieces. The private team and the competitor are analyzed and then work is done on the field under the supervision of the head coach.

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