New DGT Sign: The Dragon’s Teeth that can already be seen on the roads

the DGT Testing started in September 2021 to test a send signals A new graphic on the pavement simulates horizontally placed triangles. It resembles a triangular ship flag or some dragon’s teeth, which is the name given to it by the General Traffic Department.

According to a tweet posted by DGT, it is being beta tested on a road in a municipality Nava de Roa (Burgos), and maybe soon we’ll see it in the rest of the country.

What is this new banner?

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What DGT calls dragon teeth are some Triangles placed horizontally on the roadside so that, visually, The path seems narrower. This visual effect – because, in fact, the road has not narrowed – makes users Slower. In the section in the province of Burgos, the signs are 30 meters long in a section that requires driving at a lower speed and extreme caution.

In the same September tweet, DGT reported another new signal, which it calls “broken boundary lines.” This drawing consists of some squiggly lines (such as those referring to a Loading and unloading areabut in white instead of yellow) and located on the entire margins of the road to warn that it is approaching pedestrian crossing and make the driver slow down.

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