Netflix can roll back shared accounts: They know a big problem

Netflix has taken a very sharp turn in its corporate policy It will start charging for joint accounts. The company suffers from a lot of criticism and users opt out as they indicate via social networks. Several years ago, Netflix valued the possibility of being able to share accounts and now, after the new decision, it is making a good “correction” on Twitter with the hashtag #AdiósNetflix.

In a statement, the platform indicated this Always makes it easy for people living under the same roof to share their Netflix account With features like profiles and multi-screen viewing. “Although they’ve been a huge success, they’ve also caused some confusion about when and how you can share Netflix,” he explained.

However, it is advertised resolution To put End of joint accounts It can lead to unexpected problems for the company, as many cases Users who have unsubscribed After realizing that they don’t want to keep paying for this service. And the dynamics exceed expected fall of customers by Netflix account.

Faced with this scenario, the company seems destined to embrace it Unexpected and powerful decisions. One of them would be allow to Free use of Netflix And Reduce the cost of different plans Available, both scenarios that are already being evaluated and even adopted in some countries.

new strategy?

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This is the case in some countries in Latin America, where sharing accounts is usually more common than in Spain, and where prices are already being lowered. in paraguay, For example, andfor the basic plan It costs $3.99 per month (about €3.73), compared to €5.49 in Spain. he Premium plan It costs 7.99 USD per month (7.47 EUR) while in Spain 17.99 EUR per month.

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Another critical factor influencing Netflix’s reconsideration of its strategy is the emergence of free streaming services, As it already happens in United State, For example, where many companies provide some services at no cost. Hence, Netflix is ​​considering releasing a Free plan With only a fraction of the content available and that will obviously have more limitations than the cheapest plans.

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