Netanyahu wins the elections with the highest turnout in the past 20 years

Israel returned to the polls for the fifth time in less than four years in an election that once again became a referendum on Benjamin Netanyahu. Despite being the fifth election in just four years, citizens responded with the highest turnout in the past two decades. She gave the first opinion polls of the country’s major channels Likud won 30 seats, and indicated that the pro-Netanyahu bloc would get a majority in the parliament. At least 61 seats, which would allow him to form a government. It is a very narrow margin, for only one deputy, that former Likud ministers have asked to beware of until they know the progress of the count.

Citizens have already done their part and the former prime minister’s followers have shown that they are not impressed by his corruption prosecution when it comes to filing a ballot. Now it’s the turn of the political leaders, who must Negotiate to try to form a strong alliance It allows Israel to restore some stability.

In the pro-Netanyahu bloc, the strong entry of religious Zionism, a radical formation led by settlers and Kahanite heirs Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir, was confirmed. And first polls put him in third place in the country with fifteen deputies, a An unprecedented result of Jewish supremacy. Together with them will be the ultra-Orthodox parties, with 17 deputies, and the most extreme government in the history of the Jewish state will be formed.

mass vaccination

In the March 2021 elections, a massive vaccination campaign was the only theme. Netanyahu tried to make administration of doses his own success and did not hesitate to assign the Ministry of Health’s slogan to his campaign: “We return to life!” This time the Likud campaign was to attack the coalition led by Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, keeping them out of power for a year. Bennett paid the price for his fleeting stint as prime minister with his withdrawal from politics and his party, Jewish Home, You will not even exceed the minimum 3.25 percentage required for membership in a new parliament.

pebble He was cemented as the most dangerous alternative to Netanyahu four months after he took office as interim prime minister and Yesh Atid won 22 seats. In recent weeks, his political image inside the country has improved after signing an agreement with Lebanon to exploit gas in the Mediterranean, a historic move because these two neighboring countries are at war. Netanyahu, however, has already given what he thinks The charter will be spoiled if he regains power.

At the gates of polling stations in central Jerusalem, followers of Likud and religious Zionism tried to lure voters to the last second. Netanyahu was one of the first leaders to go to the polls, saying, “I hope we end this day with a big smile. Whoever will vote for us will be Netanyahu as prime minister and a real right-wing government.” In the streets, Likud supporters sang songs glorifying their leader with slogans such as “You are strong, you can do everything, you are a genius”Which was heard nonstop until the schools closed.

‘Because dictatorship is better’

“No matter who wins, you have to prepare for the sixth and then the seventh elections, until ‘Bibi’ leaves politics and leaves the Likud. This is a trap, a vicious circle, and even if one of the blocs wins, having such a short margin makes governments very weak, as Meir Margalit considers, Author of books like “Jerusalem, the Impossible City.” For Margalit, “The most dangerous thing is that young people wonder what democracy is if every year or year and a half a government falls, it is better for that dictatorship. What is at stake here is democracy».

Likud once again moved its headquarters to Jerusalem to follow up on the results, which it actually did last year, although it didn’t bring it much luck. Nothing more to know The first polls broke out in the party atmosphere, but more cautious voices remembered that in 2021 the initial portrayal of opinion polls was similar, and in the end the pro-Netanyahu bloc lost the majority. On this occasion, the possibility of the Arab Tagammu party entering the council will deprive Netanyahu of the possibility of forming a government.

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