Netanyahu wants to bring Israeli justice under his control

While the world’s attention is focused on the potential consequences of the ultra-nationalist minister’s visit Itamar bin Juffair to the square of the mosques of Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu It aims to reform the judicial system in Israel in order to bring it under the control of its government. This is a priority for the Likud leader since the start of the trial against him on charges of corruption and the Minister of Justice. Yariv Levinmade his first proposals for change.

The main point Levine makes is the call “cancellation clause”, a system that allows Knesset members to vote to overturn decisions of the Israeli High Court of Justice. If the changes are approved, an option more than possible thanks to the majority Netanyahu has in the council, they would also give the government control of the Judicial Selection Committee and limit the power of legal advisers. In the words of the Chief Justice, the aim is to “strengthen democracy, rehabilitate governance, restore confidence in the judicial system and rebalance the three branches.” It is located at about a An old wish for most conservative and religious sectors From the country, who now hold the reins of power.

Pending the progress of this process, the Supreme Court must soon decide whether or not the head of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, Show him my armorHe could hold the position of Minister of Health in Netanyahu’s government. The Moroccan-born leader was convicted of tax offenses in February 2022 and the next government had to amend a law to appoint him as a minister, a decision that is now in the hands of the Supreme Court. These kinds of revisions will be impossible when Levin’s proposed reform continues.

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Criticism of the opposition

And Netanyahu declared that his chief executive “will carry out reforms that ensure an appropriate balance between the three powers of the state,” but his words do not reassure his critics, on the contrary. The opposition qualifies this Plan “political coup”In the words of former Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

Former Minister of Defense Benny JantzHe warned that the country was experiencing “an emergency where Netanyahu must choose between preserving the State of Israel or breaking the rules.” Should this reform go ahead, Gantz considers that “the red line has been crossed and the country will be an empty democracy.”

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