Neil Marshall: “I jump between genres, but I bring horror to everything I do”

Filmography Neil Marshall (Newcastle upon Tyne, England, 1970) is a collection of love letters to cinema. He has made war films and horror films, such as dog soldiers Or the one shown in Sitges 2022: cache, which was released in theaters on Friday the 13th. but also survival horror (the fantastic “Descent”), or post-apocalyptic action (Judgment Day: Judgment Day), or the Romans (centurion), or superheroes (Hell from 2019). And we were able to admire his aesthetic treatment of brutality on television, too: two episodes were symbolic of game of thrones How do Black water s wall watchers. We chatted with Marshall at the Sitges Festival.

Q: So cache It’s a Neil Marshall movie. That’s what the credits say: a movie, not a movie.

R was found. Well, I stole that idea from John Badham. I think it turned out like that illegal action. It’s a declaration of intent on my part. Because a movie is not like a movie, and this is a movie more than anything else. Pure entertainment. not trying to be … film. It’s explosive, noisy, fast and furious.

More directors should get in touch with their films.

R was found. Some films aim to educate, enlighten or influence people. I like to do that sometimes, but with that sole goal being to entertain. This is pure and simple. It is made for the crowd at Frightfest or Sitges Festival. People who like these kinds of movies. Monster movies!

Q: If it’s true that directors only make one movie in their entire career, then your movie is about survival.

R was found. Survival is, of course, an important theme in almost all of my work. And above all, what would people do to survive. This has always sounded really cool to me. This movie is first cousin dog soldiers s The descent. It is not a supplement dog soldiers, but this is the closest thing I’ll ever do. I wanted to reunite my obsession with terrorism, the military and history. And I allow myself to be inspired by the great blockade films like Bravo RiverAnd Alamo As for Assault on District 13 Police Station.

Q: I’m surprised you didn’t mention it either centurion. I think it’s the same movie The descent, in a way. certain pictures, certain situations and mldr;

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R was found. No one has ever told me that. It’s a little The descent above ground level? Well, there is another movie called Literally Autumn. It’s basically the same plot, with the same twists. Director [Scott Mann] He’s a friend of mine and he confesses to me, “I totally stole your story.” I told him it was fine for me, and that there was no problem. I’ve seen items from The descent in many parts. in Cloverfield There was a night vision sight nailed to our sight. That sort of thing sounds like a compliment to me; They don’t give me a headache at all.

Q: Do you think you’re jumping between genres or just between scenarios?

R was found. I like to think I’m jumping between genres. But I always bring my awful sensibility to every genre I do. Maybe make a movie about the Romans in ancient Britain [Centurión] And at the same time making one of my most important films injustice. So … It still is and I always make a movie in the same genre, horror, just with different settings.

Q: There are a lot of camels in your butcher shop. For example, a large pool of blood from The descent It’s a wonderful sight. Is there a filmmaker you admire for their use of blood? Maybe Mario Bava?

R was found. It’s from a little that, I guess, I haven’t drunk from other filmmakers. Everyone in my family is an artist, and although I’m a movie fanatic, I also love art, especially painting. I’ve always loved Frank Frazetta’s art and this kind of fantasy illustration. Perhaps it all boils down to the fact that red is one of my favorite colors and blood is that colour. Sometimes you can use it in an amazing way. Nicolas Roeg does it nicely Shadow danger, when the girl dies in the beginning and the blood reaches the target. or Sam Peckinpah in wild bunchLike this opera. The details of those films stuck with me.

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Q: There isn’t enough red in today’s cinema. There are not enough colors in cinema today. cache It is very intense in that sense.

R was found. also The descent It is painted in bright colours. And my next film “The Duchess”, in the gangster genre, will also be very colorful.

P. Once Again It’s Yours will be a movie starring and co-written by Charlotte Kirk, as cache and before the account. Is it true that you plan to work with her in everything she does?

R was found. No, that’s not true. I think someone misquoted me on the net. We’ve done a few movies together and we’ll do others, but it wouldn’t be like everything he does either.

Q: Back to The Hangover: Were you called to direct game of thrones For his ability to bring beauty out of violence?

R was found. It was a combination of different factors. Of course, there was something to that. But it was also my ability to take advantage of small budgets in a short time. It was also very close to where they were shooting at the time, so I could be there the next day. I just finished centurion And most of my crew on this movie were doing that game of thrones. The episode director has run out Black water and team centurion He approached the producers, showed them my film and told them to call me. Once in, I was able to contribute my own stuff. In the second episode I filmed [Los vigilantes del muro]when Ygritte died in Jon’s arms, I wanted us to see the battle behind them in slow motion, but they said no, there was no slow motion in game of thrones. “It is necessary,” I insisted. “It is simply necessary.” When we did, they told me I was absolutely right. The scene was beautiful.

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Q: Anything you can tell us, Duchess Next to?

R was found. I’m about to announce a sequel to my previous movie. it’s not Lineage 2As for lineage 3, if we take into account that a sequel has already been released on video I had nothing to do, although it was recorded as a producer. On the other hand, I’m trying to raise three more scenarios: Erotic thriller style Gialloa horror film set in a traffic jam and another based on the hills Have Eyes. In addition, I have three of my own series in motion, one of which is Historical Terror [que ha resultado ser la confirmada en noviembre Nightshade, sobre las aventuras de una vengadora enmascarada en el siglo XIX].

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