Necessary product prices | These are the supermarkets with the cheapest milk and olive oil

he Prices of basic foodstuffs continue to rise And it never stops going up. Basic products such as milk, oil, fruit or meat have risen so much in just one year that your cart will still be much more expensive than it was a year ago. After this increase, the government agreed to reduce taxes to The first needWith the aim of reducing the cost of a shopping cart for essential products for citizens.

The government decides to reduce for six months affiliate VAT from 4% to 0% For basic necessities, as well From 10% to 5% for oil and paste.

Compare prices in different supermarkets

In this context, be able to know and Compare prices from different supermarkets Help you save on shopping cart. This is the list with a difference supermarkets said products From the first necessity.


– Milk: Haciendado milk labneh 0.91 cents.

Extra virgin olive oil: 1 liter bottle of Hacendado €5.63.

– Sun flower oil: 1 liter bottle of Hacendado €1.95.

– macaroni: Haciendado pasta 1 kilo 1.24 euros.


– Milk: Milbona full cream milk 1 liter 1.19 euros.

Extra virgin olive oil: Olison bottle 500 ml € 3.99.

– Sun flower oil: 1 liter bottle of Vita D’or €2.49.

– macaroni: Bulk pasta 1 kilo 1.19 euros.


– Milk: Carrefour full fat milk 1 liter 0.90 cents.

Extra virgin olive oil: 1 liter Carrefour 5.99 euros.

– Sun flower oil: 1 liter Carrefour 3.39 euros.

– macaroni: Carrefour pasta 1 kg 1.24 euros.

to the field

– Milk: Auchan full fat milk labneh 1 liter 0.90 cents.

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– macaroni: Auchan pasta 1 kg 1.15 euros.


– Milk: Melsani Labneh Full Cream Milk 1 Liter 0.59 Euro.

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– macaroni: La Villa pasta 1 kilo 0.72 cents.


– Milk: Brick milk 1 liter 0.91 cents.

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